Sunday, February 3, 2013

Protesters Block Uranium Train | Stop G.E.'s Uranium Factory in West End Toronto

TORONTO, Ont. (03/02/13) Protesters celebrate moments after successfully stopping a westbound CN Rail train on Bartlett Avenue, between Dupont Street and Geary Avenue. The protest was against a GE uranium processing plant in the west end of Toronto.

"Uranium in your town? Toronto's West End? Shutting it Down looks like the best option! now!"

 Photos by Emily Cumming

Protesters stop train on CP Rail tracks over Lansdowne Ave. uranium plant | Toronto Star
A group of anti-nuclear protesters affiliated with the Idle No More movement stopped a train in the Davenport area on Sunday after their demonstration against a nearby uranium facility migrated onto CP Rail tracks...

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G.E.'s Uranium Secret in Toronto (blog): Did you know that GE Hitachi has a Uranium processing factory at Lansdowne & Dupont in Toronto?? Not many of us did, so now we are trying to find a solution.

special thanks to Zach Ruiter!

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