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Utilities’ nuclear power plants threaten millions : Ed Oberweiser | Indybay

It’s painfully obvious that nuclear power is harmful and dangerous. France has had 12 nuclear accidents between 1969 and 2012. Japan has had 12 since 1978. There were 46 nuclear accidents in the United States between 1955 and 2011. 

Photo: The Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, just 600 yards east of the Shoreline Fault, and less than two and a half miles from the Hosgri Fault.

Utilities’ nuclear power plants threaten millions 

"Greedy, uncaring corporations like Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Southern California Edison have put profit above the safety of the biosphere and humanity."

By Ed Oberweiser  | Noyo News 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE) have placed millions of California citizens in danger of a nuclear catastrophe on a par with Fukushima. 

They’ve built nuclear power plants near earthquake faults capable of generating earthquakes that could damage the plants and irradiate millions of people. 

PG&E constructed the Diablo Canyon Power Plant on the Central California coast near San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. The plant is 2.5 miles from the Hosgri Fault. The Hosgri Fault is a component of the San Andreas Fault system. It’s considered capable of generating a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. 

AB1632 Assessment of California’s Operating Nuclear Plants is a 2008 California Energy Commission (CEC) study. According to the study (, “The deep geometry of faults that bound the San Luis-Pismo block, where Diablo Canyon sits, is not understood sufficiently to rule out a San Simeon-type earthquake directly beneath the plant.” 

That same year, the Shoreline Fault was discovered. It’s a 25 kilometer-long fault that lies less than a mile from Diablo Canyon. Some government scientists believe there’s a possibility that faults acting with others in the region could produce a stronger earthquake than Diablo Canyon was constructed to withstand...

The San Onofre nuclear power plant is located near Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties. It’s closest to the city of San Clemente (population 64,491) in Orange County. Orange County’s population as of 2011 is more than three million. The plant is in the northwestern corner of San Diego County, 68 miles from downtown Los Angeles. San Diego County’s population is more than three million. Riverside County’s population is approximately 2.4 million. The population of Los Angeles County is nearly ten million. San Onofre’s radiation could reach any or all of the three counties in the event of a nuclear disaster. 

The San Onofre nuclear power plant has had problems from its beginning... 

(see NOYO NEWS for complete article)

...Finally, the world has been subjected to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan where three reactors have melted down. Japanese officials initially assessed the accident as Level 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) despite the views of other international agencies that it should be higher. The level was successively raised to 5 and eventually to 7, the maximum scale value. 

It’s painfully obvious that nuclear power is harmful and dangerous. France has had 12 nuclear accidents between 1969 and 2012. Japan has had 12 since 1978. There were 46 nuclear accidents in the United States between 1955 and 2011. 

Greedy, uncaring corporations like Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Southern California Edison have put profit above the safety of the biosphere and humanity.

Utilities’ nuclear power plants threaten millions : Indybay

Call out for protest camp and mass trespass at Hinkley Point October 5-9th | Stop New Nuclear

It's crunch time

The government it about to sell our future to the nuclear energy sector and we all have to act before it’s too late.
The Stop New Nuclear Alliance is organising three days of non-violent direct action between Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th October. This includes:
Saturday 6th: a double die-in and day of action at Hinkley Point nuclear power station and the nearby town of Bridgwater
Monday 8th: a mass trespass at Hinkley Point
It is essential that you join us and make our collective voice heard.
We would like as many people as possible to put themselves forward for arrest at the trespass – to show that we are prepared to use civil disobedience to challenge unjust government policies.
However there will also be many roles for those who are unable to do this. We will have a full discussion about the possible scenarios and outcomes of the trespass beforehand at the camp. Legal support will also be available.

Why it’s now or never…

This autumn the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, is set to introduce a new Energy Bill. One of the key facets of this bill is the introduction of a new energy framework based on ‘contracts for difference’.
In essence, this means that the government will offer ‘low carbon’ energy companies (including the nuclear power sector) long-term energy contracts. These contracts will guarantee that a pre-agreed price is paid by the State for the energy these companies produce.

A big, fat cheque to EDF

This is meant to provide the long-term security that investors are looking for to put their money into a low carbon future. In reality, it’s a big, fat, blank cheque to companies like EDF.
Davey denies that this move is a thinly-veiled subsidy. But clearly, it’s a double-whammy for the British public. We’ll be the ones paying for this new deal through our taxes and through rising energy bills….while our kids will be left with a nightmare legacy of high-level radioactive waste.
Many critics fear that if these new nuclear subsidies are given the green light, nuclear power will quickly become the main source of energy in the UK. This is what Ecotricity’s website has to say about it:
‘Green energy company Ecotricity has told MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee that draft Energy Bill proposals are currently a choice between nuclear power and renewables.
‘Giving evidence at the Houses of Parliament, Ecotricity Director Asif Rehmanwala said plans to entice big energy companies to invest in building new nuclear plants by artificially raising the price paid for electricity (known as ‘Contracts for Difference’ or CfDs) – could in contrast put small suppliers out of business, dissuade new entries into the market and impact the building of new green energy.’
….. So it’s not just the Stop New Nuclear Alliance that fears the worst.

The good news...

The good news is that the tide is turning against nuclear power. In March, around 1,000 people blockaded the entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset to show their opposition to ‘new nuclear’.
It was the largest 24-hour blockade of a power station for several decades and protesters were joined by leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt, Green MP Caroline Lucas and CND’s general secretary Kate Hudson.
In the meantime, the spiralling constructions costs of the first new EPR reactors in France and Finland are causing market jitters around the world. EDF, a French state-owned company, is now so worried about its investment in Hinkley and Sizewell that it’s looking to for new partners to spread the risk. To add to EDF’s problems, the French government is about to start a root and branch review of national energy policy and this may well reduce state funding for EDF’s overseas projects.
Meanwhile, in Japan, tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets every Friday evening to call for an end to nuclear power. (As we write, the protests are attracting between 75,000 and 175,000 depending on whether you believe the police or protest organisers). Allied demonstrations are also being held in other countries.
But we can’t be complacent. Several Chinese energy companies are now coming out of the woodwork to look into the viability of building new nuclear power stations at Wylfa in Anglesey and Oldbury in Gloucestershire. In the meantime, the government still seems hell-bent on getting new nuclear power stations built – whatever the cost.

The next four months..

This is a critical period. We need to make as much noise as we can to wake the public up to the environmental and political insanity of making nuclear power the dominant form of energy in the UK.
There is a future without nuclear. Germany has set out a nuclear-free roadmap that is safe, affordable and designed to enable the country to reach its commitment of 80% carbon reduction by 2050. The burning question is, if Germany can do it, why can’t we?

What you can do

Following the protest camp and trespass, we will be asking everyone to spread the word in a number of ways. We will be giving more details about this at the camp. A mass lobby of Parliament in the Autumn is also being planned by an allied campaign. Let’s keep the pressure on.
Please put the date of the protest camp and mass trespass in your diary and spread the word. It’s impossible to predict how EDF or the police are going to respond to the trespass. But we will be providing a breakdown of the options at the camp over the weekend and we will ensure that everyone has a role to play – whether or not they are prepared to be arrested. We’ll also be sending out a legal briefing nearer the time.

In the meantime…

Do you know anyone who can provide us with a field for the protest camp. We have several options in mind but we have a very limited budget and a donated field would be greatly appreciated.
Can you give out our flyers? We have a great flyer for the October protest weekend with all the details on it. Can you distribute these in your area? If so, please email us to let us know how many you need.
Can you arrange to bring a minibus-load of friends to the camp/trespass? Much respect to the Reading and Oxford crews who brought minibuses to the last blockade. Could you do the same this time? Is there a crew in Brighton who’d be up for doing the same thing?
We’d also appreciated it if you’d let us know if you are planning to come to the camp so that we can make sure there is enough catering for everyone. If you are worried about sending your personal email address, please consider creating a new ‘alias’ email address for the purpose.

Our email address is:
See you in October!
We want a future, not a disaster.

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� 8.31緊急!大飯原発を停止せよ!首相官邸前抗議 Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

Seek The Rejection Of The Proposed Personnel Nuclear Regulatory Commission [Important], Established A Protest Area To The Headquarters Of The Democratic Party.

The other day, Democratic Party, there were reports that it is pattern for personnel proposal the government has submitted to the National Assembly of the "Nuclear Regulatory Commission", to promote adjustment in the direction towards the vote in the plenary session of both houses of the Diet, in favor of . 
In the protest before the office of the Prime Minister every Friday, inspirational to withdraw proposals for personnel as a matter of urgency to vote approached, incorporating human unevenness nuclear and other Mr. Shunichi Tanaka, 22 Union's anti-nuclear metropolitan area " Among the "request for action and recommendations for the Prime Minister Noda has been urged to withdraw again, Noda administration Kikiire without a voice, we are trying to push forward to the vote in plenary session of both houses of the Diet. 
Therefore, in the protest before the office of the Prime Minister of 31 days, it is possible to area and protest against the proposed personnel towards the headquarters Democrats before the Library of Congress, the Democratic Party that holds the key vote, the appeal strongly opposed to cases people I suppose. 
Time limit is becoming more and more imminent. Please join us for the many people as possible.

Nagatacho, Kasumigaseki Area-Fri 8/31 [Date] [Location] And The Prime Minister's Office Before 6:00 P.m. To 8:00 P.m. Plan 
(Please Use The Kasumigaseki Station, Toranomon Station, The Station Sakuradamon) 
※ Station Extension Before ParliamentノMarunouchi Chiyoda Is Crowded Is Expected. 
[Calling] Metropolitan Area Volunteer Anti-Nuclear Coalition 
☆ Guide To Everyone For Your Participation In Protest Against The Prime Minister's Office Before Running Again Oiigenpatsu

� 8.31緊急!大飯原発を停止せよ!首相官邸前抗議 Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

Stop Darlington - NO NEW NUKES IN CANADA

Ontario is planning to spend $36 billion to build new reactors at the Darlington nuclear station just east of Toronto. This plan drains funding from affordable green energy and creates radioactive waste, emissions and increased risk of accidents.

Stop Darlington | Stop Darlington facebook

Sunday, August 26, 2012

� ★緊急!8.27規制庁準備室前抗議行動 Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

Just before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the proposed personnel preparation room before protest ★ ★ 8.27 Regulatory Agency [Ultra] emergency diffusion Statement: Tweets! ☆ We ask for your cooperation in diffusion of protest ☆ → Tsuitobotan place before Building 4 (Mon) @ 18:00 to 20:00 joint government building August 27!

★ URGENT! Building Before 4th Mon 8/27 Joint Government Building [Date] [Location] Plan Protest Before Preparation Room 18:00 To 20:00 8.27 Regulatory Agency Http://Bit.Ly/T7CdrF 
(Office Of Minister Hosono, "" Organization, Such As Nuclear Safety Regulation Reform Preparation Room "") 
3-1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 
Nearest Station: 5 Minutes Walk From Kasumigaseki Station, Exit A13] [Call For Anti-Nuclear Coalition Volunteer Metropolitan Area

� ★緊急!8.27規制庁準備室前抗議行動 Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

March w @OWSAtlanta to Stop Plant Vogtle!

8.28 Stop Plant Vogtle March w @OWSAtlanta < #OccupyNuclear

August 28th, 7 PM — Take The Power Back! Stop Nukes and Banks! March on Georgia Power/Southern Company and The Banks!
Join us, allied with Occupy Atlanta, to bring the fight against Plant Vogtle and dangerous nuclear power, and the dirty coal funded by dirty banks! We will march on these corporate polluters and their paid pets in office, who have destroyed our economy and environment with toxic mortgages and radioactive waste!  NO MORE! Come out and show your support!
Woodruff Park, Atlanta GA

Events | Stop Plant Vogtle

8.19-25 #StopPlantVogtle US #AntiNuclear ACTION
facebook event

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google news 120821

Anti-nuclear activists question plans for disposing of plutonium that fuels ...
The Republic
LOS ALAMOS, N.M. — Anti-nuclear activists are questioning a proposal to ship more plutonium to New Mexico. Several activists lined up Tuesday evening in Los Alamos for the first in a series of public hearings on how best to dispose of surplus...
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Anti-nuke marchers plan prayer vigil at Dublin prison
San Jose Mercury News
DUBLIN -- Anti-nuclear weapon protesters will finish a march to the Federal Correctional Institution here Wednesday morning and hold a prayer vigil before one activist begins serving a two-month sentence at the prison. The vigil is set to begin at 8:45...
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Anti-Free Traders to Copy Anti-Nuke Protestors in Weekly Tokyo Demos
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The Japanese prime minister's office — for months the scene of weekly anti-nuclear protests in Tokyo — got a new group of demonstrators on Tuesday: A group protesting Japan's proposed participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.
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Katie, Connecticut Goat That Was Anti-Nuclear Symbol, Has Died
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut goat that made headlines in 2006 after visiting the state Capitol on a mission to inform officials about nuclear radiation ...
Anti-Nuclear Protestors Arraigned in Los Alamos « La Jicarita
By DAVID CORREIA, KAY MATTHEWS and ERIC SHULTZ Six anti-nuclear activists were arrested on Monday (see photos and captions), August 6 in Los ...
Summer 2012, the Japanese anti-nuclear movement - YouTube
Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes (in Japan) The anti-nuclear movement is a social ...
Beloved Potently Carcinogenic Anti Nuclear Goat Dies
Her milk had tested positive for potent carcinogens that are associated with bone cancer and leukemia, and she became a familiar presence at anti-Millstone ...
Anti-nuclear group in demo over Cumbria dump
NW Evening Mail
ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters will take to the streets of Cumbria this weekend to demonstrate against a proposed nuclear dump in the county. Radiation Free Lakeland (RFL) will be conducting an opinion survey on the streets of Carlisle on Saturday, asking ...
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Japan (Politely) Fights Nuke Plants
Daily Beast
It's hard to ignore more than 20000 anti-nuclear protesters at your front door. It's even harder in a country like Japan, where more often than not repressive tradition and political apathy combine to stifle social protest. So after Yoshihiko Noda ...
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Daily Beast
Advocacy groups file suit over relicensing [The Daily News of Newburyport, Mass.]
McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Aug. 21--SEABROOK -- Claiming a recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission caused them "procedural injury," three anti-nuclear advocacy groups filed suit against the agency in federal court last week. Maryland-based ...
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Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: Day Two « Disarmnowplowshares's ...
By Disarm Now Plowshares
Our faith and action was a little different than theirs, but several people clearly were intrigued and grateful for the reflections our activism and anti-nuclear cause stirred in them. Pastor Ernie walked with us for the first leg in the morning too.
Disarmnowplowshares's Blog
WILLIAM TUCKER: No Confidence in Waste ... - Nuclear Town Hall
By bill
Two states seeking to block license renewals and anti-nuclear groups who have had a long running feud with NRC over this issue saw an opportunity and pounced on this update and its “predicative” finding of confidence as a bridge too far ...
Nuclear Townhall
Anti-nuclear group in demo over dump
NW Evening Mail
Anti-nuclear group in demo over dump. Published at 16:18, Tuesday, 21 August 2012. ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters will take to the streets of Cumbria this weekend to demonstrate against a proposed nuclear dump in the county. Radiation Free Lakeland (RFL) ...
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Perfect Storm coming on radioactive waste. Tell Congress now to follow basic safety principles

August 21, 2012

Radioactive waste policy in the U.S. is reaching a Perfect Storm--a rare confluence of events that inevitably will bring about the first major changes in our nuclear waste policy in 25 years.

These changes are likely to affect all of us--and perhaps the entire future of nuclear power and prospects for a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future.

These changes are most likely to come about by Congressional legislation. But probably not in this polarized election year, more likely over the next 18 months.

What these changes will be is not yet established. This is both a potential threat and a genuine opportunity to finally make real progress on radioactive waste. Our combined presence, outreach and mobilization, our willingness and ability to make our voices heard, will make all the difference.
The most immediate danger facing us would be establishment of a "centralized interim storage" site--a parking lot for radioactive waste casks. Such a site would initiate the transportation of high-level nuclear waste across our country for only one purpose: to provide the illusion of a solution to the waste problem and thus encourage the generation of more radioactive waste. Stop a Mobile Chernobyl; No Fukushima Freeways!

We're starting now, with a quick letter to our Congressmembers outlining a couple of very basic principles about radioactive waste. These may seem elementary, but trust us, 98% of your Congressmembers have never heard them before, and certainly not from the kind of numbers your actions can produce. Take this first step here, now. It's important.
You can read more about the principles supported by the nation's anti-nuclear/environmental movement here.
Note: The letter below will go to both of your Senators and your Representative. You may edit this letter as you choose. You must have a U.S. address to take this action.
Please share widely.
Perfect Storm coming on radioactive waste. Tell Congress now to follow basic safety principles

Aug. 25: "The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant" Oceanside event

Special visiting presenter: Daniel Hirsch

"The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant"

The crippled San Onofre nuclear reactors pose an unacceptable and unnecessary risk to our environment and our communities. It leaves Southern California Edison ratepayers footing a 670.8 million dollar bill for critically-flawed steam generator equipment. Learn more about the situation and what we can do!

Sat. Aug. 25th -- TWO locations!

10 am - 12 noon @ Oceanside Community Room, 330 North Pacific Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054 (between the Oceanside Library and Oceanside City Hall)

3 pm - 5 pm @ Peace Resource Center, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105

Daniel Hirsch is a Lecturer on Nuclear Policy and former Director of the Stevenson Program on Nuclear Policy at UC Santa Cruz and President of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, a 42-year-old organization concerned about nuclear safety, proliferation, and waste.

Sponsored by the Peace Resource Center of San Diego

More info:

Hirsch's organizagtion: Committee to Bridge the Gap:


Daniel Hirsch Speaks at Shut San Onofre rally

"The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant" Oceanside event

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CALL TODAY Urge Your Rep to Attend the Nuclear Briefing

CALL TODAY Urge Your Rep to Attend the Nuclear Briefing
< #CANRallyDC | #OccupyNuclear

The Nuclear Age: A Common Legacy

watch! - unable to embed ;)
The Nuclear Age: A Common Legacy - YouTube

In the spring of 2002 twenty-five women activists from the USA and Russia met in Siberia for a conference regarding the nuclear legacy. They gathered to form multinational partnerships to address radiation contamination in their communities and the world. All of them have witnessed the carelessness and cover-up rampant in the nuclear industry. Each is head of a nonprofit organization founded to monitor and make public nuclear dangers. Many are living with debilitating illnesses caused by radiation.

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Fairewinds Newsletter: August 19th, 2012

Can spent fuel pools catch fire? Find out in this latest Fairewinds feature.

Can Spent Fuel Pools Catch Fire?

August 19th, 2012: In this Fairewinds’ feature, Fairewinds Associates Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen analyzes a US government national laboratory simulation video that shows nuclear spent fuel rods do catch fire when exposed to air.  This simulation video proves Fairewinds’ assertions that nuclear fuel rods can catch fire when exposed to air, and Arnie discusses theramifications of this phenomena if the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent fuel pool were to lose cooling water.... [Watch Now]

CCTV Live at Five with Margaret Harrington and Arnie Gundersen

August 14th, 2012: CCTV Host Margaret Harrington and Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen discuss the urgent need to empty spent fuel pools into dry cask storage to prevent a serious but avoidable accident.  They also discuss the economic cost to nuclear plants if they where forced to withstand natural calamities, the future of Yucca Mountain, and the radiological contamination caused by depleted uranium weapons. [Watch Now]

Fairewinds Energy Education | Moving Energy Education Forward