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At Halloween-time, an environmental coalition, represented by Toledo-based attorney Terry Lodge, will finally get its day in court, after more than five years of resisting Detroit Edison's (DTE) proposed new Fermi 3 atomic reactor targeted at the Lake Erie shoreline of Monroe County, Michigan....

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10.30 MONROE, MI: All Species Mutant Rally to Halt Fermi 3

Are you aware that DTE wants to build another nuclear reactor in Monroe called Fermi 3?

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be holding hearings on whether or not to build Fermi 3 on Devil's Night & Halloween, how appropriate...

We already have Fermi 2 (which is not functioning properly and has nearly melted down in the past). And, hello, did DTE and our government totally forget about the ongoing disaster at Fukushima? 

Fermi 3 would be an experimental, $20 billion health hazard. Plus, MI doesn't even need the energy it would provide! If you are against this failed technology, please come out and show your support.

WE NEED YOU! This is a critical time in their decision making process. The only thing holding them back from building this thing are the people's voices.

Put on a costume and join us for a Mutant Rally on Wednesday, Oct. 30th. Bring anti-nuclear signs and props. Themes: We are being irradiated by nuclear energy & Fermi 3 is a terrible idea. The more green ooze (aka radioactive waste) you can incorporate into your outfit, the better. Two-headed dandelions, fish, baby dolls, etc. are also very appropriate. ...Radiation is scary.

Coffee & pastries will be provided for those who would like to sit in on the hearings on the 30th & 31st from 8:30-9:20 am before the hearings begin at 9:30 am.

Mutant Rally on Wed., the 30th at 4 pm. That's when we'll need your support to show DTE, NRC, and our government: Fermi 3 is a gamble we can't afford.

10.24 NYC: Experts call for immediate action to protect the right to health of citizens affected by the nuclear accident in Fukushima

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) and Human Rights Now (HRN) are honored to have Mr. Anand Grover, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health who was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, as a guest speaker for our upcoming event on October 24, Thursday, from 9:30AM to noon at 866 UN Plaza,Suite 120, (48th Street & First Avenue) in NYC. 

Please save the date. 

Admission is free. UN Pass is not required. Space is limited. Please pre-register by sending your name, contact info, and affiliation to:

10.24 STANFORD: FILMS 'A2-B-C' & URANIUM DRIVE-IN + Panel “Nuclear Trade-offs”

THURSDAY OCTOBER 24 :: UNAFF 2013 (United Nations Association Film Festival)


3:30 PM West Coast Premier of 'A2-B-C' in the United Nations Association Film Festival ( UNAFF) this coming Thursday in the Bay Area! INFO:
• A2-B-C (Japan, 71 min)
co-presented with Center for Asian American Media, Organization for Global Health

4:40 PM
 co-presented with Acterra, San Francisco Green Film Fesival

5:50 PM
• Panel “Nuclear Trade-offs” (FREE Admission)

(71 min) Japan
Director/Producer: Ian Thomas Ash
Eighteen months after the nuclear meltdown, children in Fukushima suffer from severe nosebleeds and are developing skin rashes and thyroid cysts. Citing a lack of transparency in the official medical testing of their children and the ineffectiveness of the decontamination of their homes and schools, the children's mothers take radiation monitoring into their own hands.
Born in America, Ian Thomas Ash earned an MA in Film and Television Production at the University of Bristol, UK. His first feature documentary, The Ballad of Vicki and Jake, received the Prix du Canton Vaud prize at the 2006 Visions du ReÈl International Documentary Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland. At the 2012 Rhode Island International Film Festival, Ian's film In the Grey Zone won the Audience Choice Award First Prize for Best Documentary, and at the same festival Ian was presented with the ìFilmmaker of the Future Award.î Ian has lived in Japan for 10 years and currently lives in Tokyo.
Contact Information:

Director: Suzan Beraza
Producers: Judith Kohin, Michelle Maughan, Casey Nay
The promise of jobs from a proposed uranium mill has an economically devastated mining community in Colorado hopeful for the first time in decades. When environmentalists step in to stop the mill, pro-mill advocates are enraged. A debate ensues, pitting jobs against health and the environment. Without judgment, both sides of the issue are brought to life in heart-wrenching detail as the film follows conflicting visions for the future. The film offers no easy answers but aims instead to capture personal stories and paint a social portrait of the lives behind this nuanced and complex issue.
Suzan Beraza was born in Jamaica and raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Her thought-provoking films challenge viewers to examine their lives and consider the impact of their choices. Founder of Reel Thing, Suzan wears many hats from producer to editor to director.
Contact Information:
Reel Thing

NOTE: public meetings (in San Luis Obispo [Monday, 10.7] and Carlsbad [Wednesday, 10.9] have fallen victim to the federal shutdown. The meetings were meant to present the findings and receive public comments on NRC's proposed rules and environmental study on the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel.

more: Due to the lack of an appropriation and the government shutdown, the Waste Confidence Directorate regrets to inform you that we are postponing our two public meetings scheduled for next week:  Tuesday, October 15, in Perrysburg, Ohio; and Thursday, October 17, in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  

Public meetings on NRC's "Waste Confidence" policy--October 1--November 14, 2013.

Pack the meetings; Speak Out!

OCTOBER 13 is No Nukes Day – United Action for Zero Nuclear Power Plants ☆ Don’t Forget Fukushima! No More Restarts!
Following the 6.2 No Nukes Day, metropolitan area anti-nuclear coalition 10 million people primary action, the National Coordinating Committee to Eliminate [Nukes], the nuclear power plant is calling for a large-scale action jointly goodbye!
Let's get together from all over the country on the 13th October!

6.2 No Nukes Dayに続き、首都圏反原発連合、さようなら原発1000万人アクション原発をなくす全国連絡会が合同で大規模アクションを呼びかけます!
【10.13 No Nukes Day 原発ゼロ☆統一行動-福島を忘れるな・再稼働を許すな-】

Meet Atsuko Watanabe in Berkeley, CA, once-only chance Wed Oct 16th

The Opening, A Center for Courses in Writing
in conjunction with

Far Leaves Tea, Raise the Root Cooking Collective, and Stone Bridge Press

An Evening with Atsuko Watanabe
and author of A Different Kind of Luxury,  Andy Couturier
Wednesday October 16th, 7-9:30 PM
A fundraiser for Fukushima children
Far Leaves Tea,  2626 San Pablo Ave 
Berkeley, CA 94702

Come join us for a warm evening with Japanese environmentalist and anti-nuclear activist Atsuko Watanabe, profiled in Chapter 3 of A Different Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Living and Inner Abundance.

This is a once-only opportunity to meet and ask questions of this pioneering activist, organic gardener and zero-waste crusader, and key collaborator in the production of this book. Ms. Watanabe will be leading a delegation of environmentalists from the village of Kamikatsu in Shikoku island, the first Zero Waste village in Japan.  Since making this declaration a decade ago, Kamikatsu has become nationally known and a destination for people studying how to reduce their garbage.  (You can read an article about Kamikatsu by the BBC here )

Ms. Watanabe will be coming to Northern California on a research tour to visit recycling, waste recovery, solar energy and natural building sites.  As part of this tour we would like to offer fans of A Different Kind of Luxury the chance to meet her, ask questions and engage in discussion with her and other people in her delegation.  We will start with a short slide presentation by author Andy Couturier, who spent four years researching and 15 years writing this book.

The event will be held as fundraiser to bring children from the stricken Fukushima region to the much less toxic area of Kamikatsu--400 miles to the west--where their bodies can have a chance to heal and recover somewhat. The project is being facilitated by the village of Kamikatsu, where Ms. Watanabe is a town councilor. They are arranging to bring children out of the irradiated zone and house them for a short time in the village.  We request a donation of $20 or more at the door.  Please consider being as generous as you can afford. 

As part of the evening, we will provide organic tea from Kamikatsu, Awa Bancha, a rare rustic tea produced with a 'lacto-fermentation' method unique to this one small region of Japan.

We will also be serving some delicious appetizers made from seasonal, organic & locally-sourced ingredients provided by Raise the Root Cooking Collective.  Raise the Root is a group of culinary educators that use food as a springboard to cultivate community & inspire conversation.

LOCATION:  2626 San Pablo Ave  
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 665-9409 


Ms. Watanabe has not left Japan in more than 10 years, and many of the other people profiled in the book rarely leave their villages.  This is really a one time only opportunity.


Date and Time: Saturday October 19, 2013 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: San Francisco State University, Room BH1
1600 Holloway Ave. SF 94132
Admission: Free
Japan and the world continue to be threatened by the Fukushima meltdown and further contamination of the land and sea as well as a growing cancer epidemic of children, workers and the people of Japan.
The conference will challenge the information being propagated that we can overcome radiation and that Fukushima can be decontaminated.
Initial Speakers:
Dr. Robert Gould – Physicians for Social Responsibility, An expert on the medical effects of radiation
Prof. Masaki Shimoji – Assistant Professor of Osaka Japan,  Anti-nuclear activist in Osaka Japan who was imprisoned for organizing against the burning of nuclear rubble in Osaka
Possible speaker by Skype: Taro Yamamoto – Member of Parliament from Tokyo
Film: How Nuclear Power Was Brought To Japan
Music: Okinawan music
教育/勉強会 『除染は果たして可能か?福島の現実と真実』
アメリカからは、Robert Gould医師その他数人を呼び、放射能がどのように体に影響するか,日本からは下地真樹さんに各地の放射能瓦礫焼却とその反対運動に対する市,警察からの抑圧、そして日本での諸問題を話して頂きます。通訳がつきます。山本太郎さんにはスカイプにて出席して頂くよう交渉中です。ドキュメンタリー『原発はどのようにして日本に来たか』の上映、沖縄のライブミュージックもあります。
場所:San Francisco State University , Room  BH1
1600 Holloway Ave. SF 94132
場所:Berkeley North Branch Library, community room、
1170 The Alameda Berkeley, CA 94707
10月19日(土)午前11時 のOcean Beach での  “Fukushima Is Here”の人文字プロジェクトも忘れないで下さい。その後 SFSUに2時に来て下さい。Please do not forget the project of “Fukushima Is Here” at  Ocean Beach at 11AM,  Saturday October 19. Then see you at SFSU at 2 PM.
For more information please visit us:

Please Join us for a day of recognition: Radioactive contamination from Fukushima threatens life everywhere... And it will for generations to come. 

The nuclear reactors that exploded in Japan pose a terrible problem: to keep the escaped corium from bursting into uncontrollable fire or bigger explosions, incredible amounts of water must be poured into a damaged and very radioactive site. The plant has always had a problem mitigating heavy groundwater seepage; now it's swamped with highly contaminated water from both sources, making the ground that supports the site soggy and unstable. 

This nuclear emergency is not over. 

The world is a round planet and the nuclear fires burning in these destroyed reactors will not be extinguished for centuries. Dangerous levels of radioactive contamination have leaked into the Pacific Ocean, into our rain, into our food chain, into the very fabric of our DNA gene pool, every day for two and a half years. 

We have seriously fouled our nest, folks, and it's time to start talking about it. 

We are all connected by bodies of water and we are mostly made up of water. We have one globally connected ocean and each of us has one body. All life was born in this ocean. It needs our help now, to tell others what we know. 

One ocean, One chance. 

Fukushima is Here.


Our Coalition to Decommission San Onofre can now proudly announce that nationally-regarded nuclear experts Dr. Marvin Resnikoff and Dr. Arjun Makhijani have confirmed they will be joining us for the October 19 symposium at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, 1201 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 100, San Clemente, California 92673.Registration will start at 12 noon and the program will begin at 12:30 PM...

San Onofre Nuclear Waste Symposium Appeal | Sierra Club - Angeles Chapter

In June, civic and environmental activists won a big victory in shutting down the San Onofre nuclear plant. It may seem that all is now quiet in San Onofre land – but it is not. Our Coalition to Decommission San Onofre has been startled by the huge challenge in dealing with radioactive nuclear waste at the plant. The issues include: unusually potent forms of fuel, dense storage of spent fuel far beyond design limits, large uncertainties about where the waste will ultimately be stored and for how long, and last but not least, the economics of decommissioning. These issues were below the radar during the shutdown debate but now they loom large.
We are organizing a symposium for October featuring Dr. Arjun Makhijani PhD and Dr. Marvin Resnikoff Ph.D both national experts on the key issues, with plenty of time for questions to panelists and group discussion. Our immediate goal is to assure that best practices will be applied to minimize the risk for those who must live with San Onofre as a nuclear waste dump. Our ultimate goal is to reinvigorate the national discussion about what to do with America’s radioactive nuclear waste.
Our event will be Oct 19, 2013, but we need your help today to make sure this important symposium comes to life...  

10.11 SF: 第15回月例11日原発反対10月集会/ 15th The 11th monthly Anti nuclear power plant October rally | No Nukes Action Committee

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そして東電は福島の事故を収束できないまま,2007年の新潟県中越沖地震で火災を出した柏崎刈羽原発の再稼動審査を申請しました。それも福島第一と同じ型(沸騰水型軽水炉)です。敷地内には多くの断層が確認されています。事故の真相もまだ解明できず,事故を出しその事故を収束できない会社が何で次の原発を動かせるのでしょうか? 申請すること自体が狂っています。それを許す回りも狂っています。正気のわたし達は再稼動を絶対許してはいけません。


わたしたちは、政府に対し原発産業に対し、再稼動は絶対許さない,子供達を今すぐ安全な場所に疎開させて欲しい,福島の人達に充分な損害賠償をして欲しい、事故の収束に全力を挙げて欲しいと、その意志を表明する必要があると思いませんか? 誰かが、そうしてくれているから、しなくても良いと思っていては,事態は好転しません。この狂った原発崇高の流れを止める事はできません。一人でも多くの人が自分で立ち上がらなければ,手遅れになります。11日集会に結集しましょう!


日時 : 10月11日 金曜日,午後3時から4時半
場所 : サンフランシスコ日本領事館前
     50 Fremont Street (BART Embercadero 駅から1.5ブロック)


We ask to Japanese government and TEPCO,
not allow re-operation of nuclear power plants ,
immediate evacuation of Fukushima children,
sufficient compensation to the people of Fukushima,
do the utmost to the convergence of Fukushima accident.

Date: Friday, October 11, 4:30 to 3:00 pm
Location: front of San Francisco Japanese consulate bldg
50 Fremont Street (1.5 blocks from BART Embercadero station)

let’s get together on the 11th every Month
continuity is power

Former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission joins panel to discuss the risks of nuclear power at the Indian Point and Pilgrim Nuclear Power Stations





Seminar - Tuesday, Oct. 8 in NYC | Wednesday, Oct. 9 in Boston

NEW YORK (Sept. 30, 2013)—A panel of speakers that includes the former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Dr. Gregory Jaczko; former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford; and nuclear engineer, Arnie Gundersen, is scheduled to share their perspectives on nuclear safety and the future of nuclear power. The panel will specifically address concerns regarding Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant now operating with an expired license in Buchanan, New York and Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The seminars will be held in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 8 and in Boston on Wednesday, Oct. 9. More speakers will be announced.

Jaczko was the Chairman of the NRC during the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the catastrophe at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. He was confronted by three reactor meltdowns and a nuclear crisis that persists to this day. In 2012, Jaczko cast the lone dissenting vote on plans to build the first new nuclear power plant in the U.S. in more than 30 years.

Earlier this year on June 4, 2013, Jaczko, Bradford and Gunderson were joined by Japan’s former Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, where they spoke at the San Diego County Administrative Center about their concerns regarding the safety of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. Three days after the panel, the plant was closed permanently.

U.S. citizens are now questioning the safety of the Indian Point and Pilgrim nuclear power plants. In the event of a catastrophe like Fukushima, these plants would threaten millions. A nuclear disaster at Indian Point would threaten the entire population of New York City and the outlying metropolitan area. A crisis at Pilgrim poses similar danger to millions in and surrounding Boston.

The panel discussion is open to the public and news media.

For media and the public who are unable to attend, the New York and Boston panel can be heard on a live feed at, these webcasts will be archived at the link for at least 30 days once live.

New York Event

Who/What: The panel, The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Accident: Lessons for New York, will include former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko, who led the commission during the Fukushima-Daiichi  accident, along with former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford, and nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson. More speakers to be announced.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 8, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where: 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10128 (Theresa L. Kaufmann Concert Hall)

Why: Indian Point is a three-unit nuclear power station located in Buchanan, New York, 25 miles outside New York City. Potential risk of a nuclear crisis at Indian Point would pose a danger to millions in the New York area. The technology at the plant is 40 years old, and the containment domes were not designed to hold 100 tons of melting uranium in event of an accident and meltdown. Both Chernobyl and Fukushima are examples of accidents in outdated nuclear reactors.

Boston Event

Who/What: The panel, The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Accident: Lessons for Boston, will include former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko, who led the commission during the Fukushima-Daiichi accident, along with former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford, and nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson. More speakers to be announced.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 9, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02133 (Gardner Auditorium)

Why: The Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station is located in Plymouth, MA, 40 miles outside Boston. Last summer, Jaczko and the community presented legal appeals and environmental warnings to shut down Pilgrim, however, the NRC renewed the 40-year-old nuclear plant’s license for another 20 years despite these oppositions. A nuclear crisis at Pilgrim would pose a danger to millions of people who live within 50 miles of Pilgrim, including those in the city of Boston.

#FukushimaLessons (twitter)

10.5 DEARBORN MI - Know Nukes 101: An Activist Mobilzation Conference | Alliance to Halt Fermi 3

Held on the 47th Anniversary of Fermi 1 Meltdown in Monroe, MI…

How many of you are aware that DTE wants to build a new nuclear power plant, Fermi 3, next to Fermi 2 and Fermi 1 about 40 miles from Detroit?

We have experienced meltdowns at Fermi 1 (1966, 1 reactor), Three Mile Island (1979, 1 reactor), Chernobyl (1986, 1 reactor) and Fukushima (2011, 3 reactors), we should better understand just how dangerous they are. How much more can our planet take?


Keynote Speaker Paul Gunter, Director of Beyond Nuclear’s Reactor Watchdog Project and nationally known reactor safety specialist, speaking on Fukushima, Chernobyl and radioactive isotopes in food and water.
We’ll have a discussion panel afterwards followed by breakout sessions.

10.3 BRISTOL: Day Trip to Britain's Nuclear Bomb Factory

Day Trip to Britain's Nuclear Bomb Factory

Tuesday October 1, 2013, 7PM


172 Allen Street (between Stanton and Rivington Streets)

New York, NY 10002 [Map]

Subway: F train to 2nd Avenue


Todos Somos Japon will present two films from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Zone.
Women of Fukushima
(2012, Japan, Produced by Paul Johannessen, Jeffrey Jousan and Ivan Kovac)
Six Japanese women offer brutally honest views on the state of the clean-up, the cover-ups and untruths since the nuclear accident in Fukushima, and how it has affected their lives, homes and families. The film has been presented at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and recently won the Best Short Documentary at the Social Impact Media Awards, as well as Best Mid-length film at the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival in New Zealand.

Alone in the Zone
(2013, Japan, Produced by Paul Johannessen, Jeffrey Jousan and Ivan Kovac)
The earthquake in March 2011 caused one of the most serious nuclear disasters in world history, when the Fukushima Daiichi power plant started leaking radiation. The surrounding towns were evacuated in a rush, leaving empty homes, silent streets, and uncared-for animals. In the small town of Tomioka, however, less than six miles away from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, one man refused to leave: Naoto Matsumura, a 53-year-old fifth-generation rice farmer who is surely the most stubborn man in Japan, if not the world.
Discussion & updates from Japan to follow the screening.

10.4 SUFFERN NY: RPHP - DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE - Indian Point @ the Crossroads - Health Dangers Posed by the Nuclear Plant

Radiation and Public Health Project 

Indian Point at the Crossroads

Hosted by Alec Baldwin
with Ellen C. Jaffee and Joe Mangano; and more

5:30-6:30 Cocktails.........................$100/Supporter
6:30-8:00 Panel Discussion.............$10/PUBLIC
8:00-10:00 Benefit Dinner...............$250/GUEST

『10.13 NO NUKES DAY原発ゼロ☆統一行動』は 



 ★「1013 NO NUKES DAY原発ゼロ☆統一行動」LINK★ 


Program - download PDF

Festival-Flyer - download

Festival-Poster - download


Rio Filmpalast

Rosenheimer Straße 46
81669 München
Tel: 089 48 69 79


Fraunhoferstr. 9
80469 München
Tel: 089-2607250
Rio Filmpalast:
Normal price: 8,50 €
Pupils / students / pensioners: 6, - €
5, - € for all



代々木公園、けやき並木(渋谷側)集合 ※雨天決行
首都圏反原発連合 メール

日時:2013年9月27日(金)18:00~20:00 予定

facebook event page

9:30am 42nd Street & ParkAve |

We are organizing a press conference in front of the Grand Central station. Come out and help make noise, stretch banners and hand out fliers!

Nuclear is not clean! We don't need nuclear.

facebook event page: INDIAN POINT LICENSE EXPIRES!

facebook event page

Save the Date: September 28th, 2013.

At 12:00 am on 9/28/13, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 (IP2) becomes the first and only nuclear reactor in the United States to operate with an expired license. We, the Stony Point Convergence on Indian Point, are organizing a joint-paddling, biking and walking/running convergence on the Peekskill Riverfront Green on Saturday, September 28th to call public attention to the continued operation of IP2 despite its current license expiring on that same day. In addition, we will be vigiling at 6 locations within 10 miles of the Power Plant. We need you to hop on your bike, stretch your legs, grab your paddles or dig your boots into the concrete and join us!

Roughly our start times are:

Bikers: gather at Indian Point Old Gate at 10:30am, bike 7 mile route to Peekskill Riverfront Green (PRG).

Walkers/Runners: gather at Indian Point Old Gate at 11:00am, walk/run 2.3 miles to PRG.

Kayakers: gather at Annesville Circle at 10:30am and paddle out to Indian Point before landing at PRG at 12:30pm

Vigilers: meet at one of six locations (Cold Spring @ Little Stony Point, Annesville Circle in Cortlandt, Peekskill Gazebo - Division Street and South Street, Yorktown Heights Rt. 202 and 35, Croton-Harmon Trainstation and Ossining Farmers' Market - see maps below) at 10:30am, vigil until noon and drive/walk/take train to PRG to arrive there at 12:30pm.

Peekskill Riverfront Green: convergence of vigilers, bikers, walkers/runners and paddlers at 12:30pm with music, food (most-likely potluck and bbq), and a megaphone for people to speak.

This is all in process, so give us recommendations, too!

facebook event page: September 28th: Run For Your Life

Dinner Forum- Fukushima Now
Tuesday, Sept 246:15-8:45pm
Location: Bacheeso's Restaurant, 2650 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley

Speaker: Cecile Pineda, award-winning author-advocate
Advance registration is necessary; space is limited. UNA members $20, non-members $25, students $10.Reserve at 510-717-5204 or

Two and a half years after the initial Fukushima explosions of March 12 and 13, 2011, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan's largest utility, is finally admitting that from the very inception of the accident, at least 30 trillion Becquerels have been allowed to flow into the Pacific, where sea life showing signs of radiation disease is washing up on the shores of Vancouver, Oregon, and Los Angeles. Here to talk about it is Cecile Pineda, whose book, "Devil's Tango: How I learned the Fukushima Step by Step," published on Fukushima's first anniversary, forsees much of what we are beginning to learn now.

The NRC will hold a public meeting to discuss the decommissioning process for all nuke waste plants, including our very own San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station.

The meeting will be held September 26 at the Omni La Costa Hotel, 2100 Costa del Mar Road, in Carlsbad, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Doors will open at 5 p.m. to allow extra time for security screening.

Please plan on attending, Let the NRC know you do not want a nuclear waste dump on a fault line, in a tsunami hazard zone, right in our backyard, for the next 300 years.

9.14 SAYONARA NUKES! 【出店募集】「再稼働反対!9.14さようなら原発大集会in亀戸」 | さようなら原発1000万人アクション


9.14 METZ, FRANCE: Internationale Demo - Cattenom Non Merci

Internationale Demo in Metz
zur Schließung des Pannenmeilers CatteNOm am Sa. 14 Sept. 2013 weiter

The Cattenom Nuclear Power Station is a nuclear power plant located in Lorraine in the Cattenom commune, France on the Moselle River between Thionville (10 km upstream) and Trier (80 km downstream). It is close to the city of Luxembourg (35 km) and Metz(40 km).

Treffpunkt und Kommunikations-Zentrale für alle, die meine Bürgerpetition "AKW Cattenom abschalten! Kein Fukushima 2 im Herzen Europas!" bei Avaaz unterstützen - oder auch nicht ;-)
Impressum < Bitte hier klicken


3 International Conference
With Jan Haverkamp, ​​Greenpeace
Atomic expert on Central and Eastern Europe

14th to 15 September 2013 at Temelin / Hluboka

Organizer: The Greens in the Fichtelgebirge / BI STOPS TEMELIN
Moderation and organization: Brigitte Artmann

    Please spread the news, there are some places left for participants. Thank you!

    EU Kommission: Temelin Neubau mit Staatsgarantien
    Wirtschaftsminister Rösler für Tschechisches Energiekonzept mit fünf Reaktoren
    Marktredwitz, 23. Juli 2013.
    Während die EU Kommission für den Temelin Neubau mit Staatsgarantien plädiert, unterstützt Wirtschaftsminister Rösler das Tschechische Energiekonzept mit fünf neuen Atomreaktoren. DIE GRÜNEN im Fichtelgebirge sind Veranstalter  der 3. Internationalen Konferenz  STOPPT TEMELIN vom 14. bis 15. September 2013 in Temelin/ Hluboka (Tschechien) mit Teilnehmern aus Tschechien, Österreich, der Slowakei, Deutschland und Polen. Die Organisatorin Brigitte Artmann sagt: „Selbst die HSBC schätzt den Bau eines Reaktors auf unwirtschaftliche 8 Milliarden Euro Minimum. Atomlobbyismus in Brüssel hat bereits die gefährliche Sschweißnahtsituation in Temelin Reaktor 1 verschuldet. Bereits im Jahre 2001 wandte sich Greenpeace damit an den ehemaligen EU Kommissar Günther Verheugen. Dieser attestierte: Temelin ist sicher. Dabei sind bis heute elementarste Fragen zur Schweißnaht 1-4-5 im Unklaren. Der tschechische Umweltminister Tomas Podivinsky, der deutsche Umweltminister Peter Altmaier und Österreichs Umweltminister Nikolaus Berlakovich weigern sich die bestehende Aktenlage 15/2001/SUJB trilateral auf Vollständigkeit zu überprüfen. Jan Haverkamp von Greenpeace wird über den neuesten Stand berichten“. Auf der Agenda der Konferenz steht weiter die Bildung von Klageallianzen aus Deutschland, Tschechien und Österreich gegen die zu erwartende Baugenehmigung der beiden neuen Temelin Blöcke. Sowohl die deutsche Bundesregierung als auch die bayerische Staatsregierung lehnen es ab im Namen der Öffentlichkeit und deren Sicherheit Klage zu führen. Bereits am Samstagvormittag wird die Maschinenhalle im Hochsicherheitstrakt des AKW inspiziert. Danach ist Start der „1000 Kraniche  gegen Atomenergie“. 50 dieser Tiere werden symbolisch um Temelin fliegen. Alle anderen starten bereits am 7. September 2013 um 12:00 in verschiedenen Orten in Deutschland und auch am geplanten AKW in Lubiatowo in Polen. Man kann sich an dieser Aktion noch beteiligen.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will give a speech on his economic policy, dubbed “Abenomics,” on Wall Street when he visits New York in late September for the U.N. General Assembly.

    9.18 UK: WITCH WATCH FULL MOON VIGIL | Stop Hinkley

    Witch Watch is a 24hour vigil - sometimes longer - held on the night of the Full Moon when she is still waxing. WW evolved to defend Mother Earth as part of the Stop Hinkley C campaign and the proposed new build of nuclear power stations in Britain.

    The camp glimmers in the hedgerow of the last lay-by, on the main road into the power station, near Bridgwater, Somerset. All are welcome to join us but the camp is women only after daylight hours.
    WW provides a meeting place to make connection, share information and to bring your magic. A Sacred Fire is lit and tended through the night.

    Witch Watch bears on-site witness and observation of the destruction and construction that is taking place, and holds a positive intention for a different future and the need for balance in the world.

    The remaing dates for 2013 dates are:
    Wednesday 18th September,
    Friday 19th October,
    Saturday 16th November
    and Monday 16th December.

    Best to ring before you come to check for last minute change of plans.
    For more info ring 07874 819608 or click here to email.


    ■ 1 September (Sun)
    Follow us on Fukushima nuclear power plant lecture goodbye 9.1! Nuclear power plant disaster not repeat (Tokyo Hibiyakokaido)

    ■ 14 September (Sat) Re-running the opposite! (Kameidochuokoen Tokyo) Kameido rally in large primary goodbye 9.14 

    詳細は随時更新してまいります。4色版 2色版(PDF)

    9.6 TOKYO: 再稼働反対!首相官邸前抗議! 首都圏反原発連合
    日時:2013年9月6日(金)18:00~20:00 予定

    8.2,9,16,23,30 TOKYO: Stop Oiigenpatsu! 

    Every Friday NO NUKES Protest before the Prime Minister's Office - Month of August

    日時:2013年8月2日(金)18:00~20:00 予定

    upcoming events/more:

    8.26 AWE Burghfield Summer Disarmament Camp 2013 | Trident Ploughshares

    26th  August - 7th  September 2013 • Aldermaston – Burghfield

    Trident Ploughshares Summer 2013 International Disarmament Camp at AWE Burghfield
    Information leaflet

    If you can make it to camp for a short visit, a few days stay…..or for the duration please provide your details!

    The West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance is hosting an exciting two week art exhibition at the Moores Building in Fremantle from August 2nd – 18th 2013. The Pakala Parnaku - stand up for the land - exhibition features artists from across Australia and many local Indigenous artists from Leonora and Wiluna. All funds raised will go towards WANFA and their important work in Aboriginal communities across WA.

    Opening hours All week 10- 4pm
    Exhibition Opening + Auction Friday 2nd August 6pm -8pm
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversary Poetry of Peace 9th August – time tbc

    8.20 PHOENIX - Protest Against Canyon Uranium Mine *** CANCELLED ***

    *** CANCELLED ***

    via MamaBears AgainstNukes -
    Dear all,
    Unfortunately, the judge in this case has decided to rule on the injunction against the Canyon uranium mine WITHOUT a public hearing. The court hearing in Phoenix on Tuesday, Aug. 20 has
    been canceled!! JUDGE CAMPBELL WILL RULE ON THE WRITTEN DOCUMENTS ALONE, WITHOUT HEARING THE ORAL ARGUMENTS. Please note that we are also canceling the DEMO, since nothing is happening in Phoenix that day. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who supported the organizing of this event! We do not know when he will issue his ruling. We will keep you posted on developments!

    ---[WAS]--- Protest in Phoenix at the Federal Courthouse to Temporarily Stop the Canyon Uranium Mine! Kaibab National Forest Supervisor Mike Williams illegally allowed Canada-based Energy Fuels to begin digging a uranium mine 15 miles south of the Grand Canyon with no review whatsoever of the 27-year-old Environmental Impact Statement, despite volumes and volumes of new evidence that so-called "low level" radiation from uranium KILLS!

    Mike Williams also ignored regulations in the National EnvironmentalProtection Act (NEPA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), requiring them to consult with tribes when a sacred area, a traditional cultural property, has been designated, as at Red Butte, and they are ignoring new evidence that the uranium mine will inevitably contaminate the massive aquifer that feeds the Colorado River and its many springs. NEW EVIDENCE PROVES that Radioactive uranium causes cancers, birth defects and DNA mutations. Once released into the environment it goes on radiating whatever it gets into for billions of years - in other words: FOREVER! 

    The aquifers on the Navajo Reservation, and creeks within the Grand Canyon National Park, have already been poisoned by past uranium mining. NO MORE! The Colorado River is the lifeblood of the West. The federal court in the person of Judge Campbell will hear oral arguments for an injunction to stop the uranium mine, being brought by the Havasupai Tribe, the Grand Canyon trust, the Sierra Club, and the Center for Biological Diversity. PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

    8.6 Hiroshima Commemoration and Action at Livermore Lab

    Theme this year is "Unfinished Business and Our Most Urgent Responsibility; Banning the Bomb at the Livermore Lab and Globally." We will gather at the northwest corner of the Lab (Vasco Road and Patterson Pass Road in Livermore) on Tue, August 6, at 7am.

    Update: Keynote speaker is Daniel Ellsberg!
    ... [more]...

    WHAT: Hirosima Commemoration, Ralley and Action

    WHEN: Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 7AM program, 8:15AM march

    WHERE: Gather at Livermore Lab northwest corner, at Vasco & Patterson Pass Roads

    PARKING: There will be parking set up along Patterson Pass Road

    BART: Van pickups at the Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station. Must call to reserve a spot.

    DETAILS: (925) 443-7148 or (510) 839-5877,

    8.6 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Hanford: A Tragic Connection

    We invite you to join us for Hiroshima, Nagasaki, & Hanford: A Tragic Connection.
    When: Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 6:00 – 7:00 PM
    Where: Japanese American Historical Plaza (Portland Waterfront at NW Naito Parkway and Couch Street)
    August 6th and 9th of this year mark the 68th anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As we have for many years, Oregon PSR will use this opportunity to educate our community regarding the very real threat posed by nuclear weapons and to mobilize Oregonians to act to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again.

    Join us at the ARC Bar on 6th August for an evening of talks, film clips and discussion on security in the nuclear age, with topics ranging from the impact of Trident on the economy and climate change, the links between civil and military nuclear industries, the costs of nuclear new build, the UK/French connection and the breaking of the non-proliferation treaty, and radioactive warfare in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
    Location: Santa Monica Civic Center, at the 26-foot-tall nuclear mushroom cloud “Chain Reaction” peace sculpture, 1800 block of Main Street just north of Pico Blvd
    A public candlelight vigil will be held Tuesday, August 6 to remember the victims of the August 6, 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and to support efforts leading to a nuclear weapons-free world.
    The vigil will include speakers from PSR-Los Angeles and other peace organizations who are concerned about the worldwide danger that exists from nuclear weapons. Also speaking will be community activists with Save Chain Reaction, who are working to save and restore the threatened ‘Chain Reaction’ warning monument that was designed, created and gifted to Santa Monica by late 3-time Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad. The sculpture has been standing in the Civic Center since 1991, and last year was designated as a Santa Monica landmark by the Santa Monica Landmarks Commission.
    The event is being sponsored by PSR-Los Angeles and Save Chain Reaction. For further information call 310-399-1000 or email Jerry Rubin.

    8.9 SYDNEY: 'Nuclear Nation' film screening - ANFA fundraiser

    Nuclear Nation is a documentary about the exile of Futaba’s residents, the region housing the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Since the 1960s, Futaba had been promised prosperity with tax breaks and major subsidies to compensate for the presence of the power plant. The town’s people have now lost their homeland. Through their agonies and frustrations, the film questions the real cost of capitalism and nuclear energy.

    The screening is a fundraising event for the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, and all funds raised will support Aboriginal communities on the frontline of nuclear projects to attend the annual ANFA national meeting in October. More info at

    This screening is being held in Sydney on Nagasaki Day-Friday August 9- and is part of a series of events to commemorate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Livermore, California • Cambridge, Massachusetts • Los Angeles, California • Seattle, Washington • Madison, Wisconsin • Northampton, Massachusetts

    7.28 No Nukes day in Sendai~みやぎ脱原発カー デビュー記念&第49回みやぎ日曜デモ #脱原発 #デモ | 脱原発みやぎ金曜デモ ~○○○のブログ~

    7.25-28 People’s National Convention Against Nuclear Energy: Ahmebdabad-Mithi Virdi-Bhavnagar | CNDP

    India has recently witnessed numerous powerful grassroots movements against nuclear reactors (both existing and proposed), uranium mines and other nuclear facilities and activities.
    Representatives of such movements from all over the country will converge together in Ahmedabad on July 25th to finalise a joint charter of demands, and draw up a concerted plan of collective action.

    7.12,19,26 TOKYO Stop Oii Nuclear Plant
    大飯原発を停止せよ!首相官邸前抗議! 首都圏反原発連合

    Regular! Every Friday!
    JULY 5, 12, 29 & 26

    7.22 UKIAH, CA: FUKUSHIMA NEVER AGAIN | Fukushima Response Mendocino

    Film Screening - "Fukushima Never Again"
    Monday, July 22, 7 pm at Saturday Afternoon Club
    Ukiah, CA

    presented by
    Mendocino Environmental Center
    and Fukushima Response Mendocino

    Fukushima Response Campaign

    Fukushima Response Bay Area

    7.14 TOKYO: No More Fuckin' Nukes #PUNK AID FOR #FUKUSHIMA

    NO MORE FUCKIN' NUKES 2013 開催決定!
    2013/7/14(SUN) at 渋谷AX

    facebook event page

    7.5 TOKYO Stop Oii Nuclear Plant | 大飯原発を停止せよ!首相官邸前抗議! 首都圏反原発連合


    7.5 HYANNIS, MA: No Escape From the Cape Comedy Night

    Fundraiser for CapeDownwinders to close the Pilgrim-Fukushima nuke.


    A gathering to protest the re-opening of Canyon Uranium Mine on Native sacred lands 10 miles from the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Demonstrate your opposition! A call out to all peaceful warriors to come, pray, decide how to stop the mine. Base camp has already been set up in junipers mp219 hwy 64, plus more camping at prayer/ceremony site near holy Red Butte, plus demo road to mine in Ponderosa pine forest. A call to gather now to protect the Grand Canyon, the Colorado Plateau, and the waters, animals, plants and people who live here. Solstice Day called by Idle No More International Indigenous Solidarity Day, June 21. Banner and sign making June 19 to 20. PLEASE SHARE THIS CALL TO ACTION!

    6.24 WEBINAR: Pull the #Plutonium Pork – End #MOX!

    Monday, June 24, 3pm (ET):
    Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX
    (Co-hosted with Georgia WAND)
    Developing a disposition method for plutonium from dismantled U.S. nuclear weapons is important, but the Department of Energy’s current plan to make experimental fuel with this weapons’ plutonium is costly, dangerous and on the verge of collapse. It’s also siphoning dollars away from other nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear weapons cleanup priorities. Please join us to learn about the Mixed Oxide Plutonium Fuel Program (MOX) and what can be done to keep this failing program from gobbling more dollars while increasing nuclear dangers.  We’ll also consider what alternatives need to be developed to deal with plutonium from nuclear weapons.   Tom Clements, Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for Friends of the Earth andKatherine Fuchs, Program Director of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability will tell us how to pull the plutonium pork and develop needed solutions.  Cohost, Georgia WAND will also discuss the regional impacts of MOX.
    “Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX” is part of WAND’s Nuclear Budget Webinar Series looking at specific nuclear weapons programs in particular need of Congressional budget cutting scrutiny.  Last month we started with: "Is it time to boot the B61 nuclear bomb?"

    on facebook -

    (un)Occupy Albuquerque - We are planning to march in Santa Fe June 25th. Gather at 2:30 PM at the Clock Tower 1470 S. St. Francis Dr. in Santa Fe, NM to say NO MORE URANIUM MINING. KEEP SACRED MT. TAYLOR SAFE FROM MINING! We will be marching to the plaza stopping on the way to let those who want to make money on the desecration of sacred places know we say NO! We will be joining the Idle No More event in honor of Leonard Peltier at the plaza at 4PM. Here is the link to that event:



    Check out our campaigns area - visit the Energy Miser and share your top tips on saving energy - or not using it at all! See the shoddy shelter and the rad waste barrels of laughs. Showing anti-nuke films. With STOP HINKLEY, KICK NEW NUCLEAR, SWAN, SWAN in Avalon, WITCH WATCH.
    Find out what we've been up to and how you can get involved.

    6.27 ATLANTA The Atomic States of America is being shown for FREE

    The Atomic States of America is being shown for FREE in Atlanta on June 27, hosted by Nuclear Watch South and Georgia Wand. Details here:

    Join Us to the Monthly Anti-Nukes Rally to Say NO to Militarized Sexual Violence! 
    At this rally, we will submit a letter to PM Abe to denuke Japan’s regime, but also submit a letter to demand resignation of Toru Hashimoto, the Mayor of Osaka.We condemn Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto’s justification of Japan’s sexual slavery and the US’s military presence. He incinerated radioactive rubbles, and his party Ishin No Kai also supports uranium mining in Mongolia and exportation of nuclear reactors. We do not allow any form of violence. Join us to our monthly rally, educate ourselves about all we care, and create real change we want!

    6.4 SAN DIEGO: Fukushima: Lessons for #SanOnofre [Seminar]

    Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who held office during the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, will speak at a seminar on nuclear safety Tuesday, June 4, in San Diego. Come hear Kan and ex-NRC Chair Gregory Jackzo, or listen online.  DETAILS: on facebook

    (photos: FUKUSHIMA | SAN ONOFRE)
    FROM FUKUSHIMA TO SAN ONOFRE:Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to visit Southern California – joins ex-NRC Chair Jackzo at San Diego panel on lessons from nuclear catastrophe
    News conference June 4 at S.D. County offices – webcast available
    Concerned citizens of Southern California are honored to announce that the former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, will visit the region June 3-5 to share his perspectives on nuclear safety and the future of nuclear power.
    Kan was prime minister in March 2011 when an earthquake and tsunami triggered the catastrophe at the Fukushima-daiichi nuclear plant. He was confronted by three reactor meltdowns and a nuclear crisis that persists to this day.
    On Tuesday, June 4, Kan will speak in San Diego at a seminar, The Fukushima-daiichi Nuclear Accident: Lessons for California, starting at 9 a.m. in the chambers of the San Diego County Supervisors, 1600 Pacific Highway. He will be joined by former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Gregory Jackzo, who led the commission during the Fukushima-daiichi accident.
    CONTACT: Bill Walker, (510) 759-9911; Annie Eddey, (619) 955-5285 x102

    Saturday, June 8, 2013   (SWAN = SouthWest Against Nuclear)
    2:00pm until 5:00pm in UTC+01
    Bridies Yard, Northover Buildings Beckery Old Road Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9NU

    A free interactive workshop for all local theatre practitioners and others on using theatre as a tool to resist

    NUCLEAR POWER and the construction of Hinkley C

    All welcome, actors and non-actors (experience not essential) for a fun
    and stimulating afternoon.

    Kebele cafe 14 robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol.

    See the Film. meet the activists,

    - 6:30pm : Dinner cooked by SWAN crew (£2.50 donation)

    - 7:30pm :
    Screening of "High Voltage power lines, G(et) RID of it !"

    The film gives a story of grass root resistance to the power lines built to connect the French EPR (new nuclear build in France) in Flamanville to the European electricity market.

    Also a chance to meet the French Activists involved in this struggle

    6.9 Save Our Bay Flotilla :: Cape Cod and Plymouth MA

    "We are focussed on stopping the pollution of Cape Cod Bay from Entergy Corporation’s Pilgrim nuclear power station in Plymouth, MA. We are working on three major issues: pollution of Cape Cod Bay from Entergy’s cooling water system, pollution of the groundwater from leaks and direct discharges of waste, and long term storage of nuclear waste at the site."


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