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Poison In The Heart: The Nuclear Wasting Of South Australia | Countercurrents

“Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are both leading instances of the irrationalities 
that result from a social world that has been constructed to concentrate power 
in the hands of tiny minorities, and to make it possible for them 
to maintain and defend their power.”
“. . . because a few, by fate’s economy, shall seem to move the world
the way it goes.”
Our planet is deeply burdened. It presently harbours 390,000 tons of high level nuclear waste produced by nuclear reactors and weapons programs over the past 70 years. Spent nuclear fuel is one of the most dangerous materials on earth. Most of it is stored underwater in numerous cooling ponds throughout the world. High level nuclear waste is dangerous to all life for unthinkable periods of time. Plutonium, which is produced in every nuclear fuel rod, has a toxic lifespan of 240,000 years. With each passing year, a further 10,000 tons of spent fuel is added to the world’s accumulated stores of deadly waste. In addition to the spent fuel from nuclear reactors, vast amounts of lower-level radioactive waste lie scattered in mining sites, tailings dams, undersea dumps and soil-borne contamination on every continent.
We have no idea what to do with the stuff. The Americans sank over $13 billion into the construction of a massive underground repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. It was closed down in 2010 without taking in a single gram of nuclear waste. The Soviets didn’t bother with such elaborate schemes and until recently, simply dumped much of their waste – including obsolete submarines complete with nuclear reactors – into the Kara Sea and elsewhere in the Arctic Circle where they slowly corrode, leaching their lethal contents into the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean...

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Kazakhstan and Chain Reaction 2016 | Kazakhstan Embassy in USA

On 29 August 1949, the Soviet Union detonated their first nuclear weapon, code-named First Lightning, a nuclear chain reaction that caused radioactive contamination over a large area of Kazakhstan. Over the next 40 years, the Soviet Union detonated another 455 nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan, 115 above ground and 340 underground.
The damage to the people and environment of Kazakhstan has been extreme – with the health of nearly 2 million people severely affected by the initial radioactive fallout, as well as by long-term radioactive toxicity and by the trans-generational impact of radiation on human genes.
Now, a chain reaction of a different sort has emerged from Kazakhstan.
Earlier this year, Tolegen Mukhamejanov, one of the leaders of the civil society movement that closed down the Soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan in 1991, proposed a chain reaction of civil society actions around the world. The actions would highlight the inhumanity and insecurity of nuclear weapons, oppose the institutions and policies perpetuating the nuclear arms race, and support initiatives by governments and the United Nations to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.
Mukhamejanov made the proposal to UNFOLD ZERO, which has now launched Chain Reaction 2016 with the support of a number of other international civil society organisations.
Chain Reaction 2016 kicked off on July 8, the 20th anniversary of the historic International Court of Justice case on the illegality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons, with over 200 events around the world.
The chain reaction will continue until October 2, the International Day of Nonviolence (Gandhi’s birthday), with events on other key days in-between including on August 6 and 9 (anniversaries of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), September 21 (International Day for Peace) and September 26 (International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons).  
One of the key events for Chain Reaction 2016 is a special international conference to be held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, on August 29, the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. This is also the 25th anniversary of the closure of the nuclear test-site in Kazakhstan and the 67th anniversary of the first Soviet nuclear test.
The conference, which will be opened by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, will bring religious leaders, parliamentarians, mayors, government officials, representatives of international organisations and civil society leaders together to amplify the chain reaction for a nuclear weapon-free world.
The conference hopes to generate momentum that will impact on the nuclear-armed states, the new Secretary-General of the United Nations (to be elected in October), and on other world leaders as they gather for the United Nations General Assembly in September. Indeed, U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to announce a new policy this year to strengthen the norm of non-use of nuclear weapons, and the UN General Assembly is likely to launch multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations. The Astana conference could build support for these and other nuclear disarmament measures.
The authors - Alyn Ware is UNFOLD ZERO Cofounder and Global Coordinator for Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament; Jonathan Granoff is United Nations Representative for the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Kazakhstan and Chain Reaction 2016 | Kazakhstan Embassy in USA

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

You won't believe how much the NY nuclear bailout will cost.... speak up today!

It's Time to Hit the Brakes on Governor Cuomo's Extravagant 12-Year Nuclear Bailout 

The push for a massive nuclear power bailout in New York just got a lot worse -- and the state agency pushing it doesn't want to consider other options or give the public any time to make our voices heard.

After saying for months that the proposed nuclear subsides would cost only $270 million over 12 years, a new proposal released just a few days ago raised the projected price to almost $8 billion. Yes, you read that right, Governor Cuomo and the New York Public Service Commission now want to spend $8 billion of New Yorkers’ money on bailing out the nuclear industry, and in particular, one company: Exelon. The cost will be paid by every electricity consumer in New York -- residents, businesses, and municipalities -- with higher energy bills.

This may be the largest corporate bailout or subsidy to one company in New York history. And the public has been given only 10 business days to comment on this new expensive plan. They are rushing to try to make a decision by August 1.

If we want to stop this, we need thousands of people to comment by Friday, July 22. So I am writing to ask you to please raise your voice.

Click here to comment today. 

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Monday, July 18, 2016

7.21 ACTION ALERT: Public Hearing on Expired Pilgrim Permit | Protect Cape Cod Bay from More Pollution!

Public Hearing on Expired Pilgrim Permit: Thursday, July 21
Comment Deadline: Monday, July 25

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating Pilgrim's long-expired Clean Water Act permit.

It is important that you attend the public hearing on Thursday, July 21 at the Plymouth Public Library beginning at 6:15 PM, and submit comments via email by Monday, July 25.

Pilgrim has operated under an expired "NPDES" (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit for 20+ years – one of the longest expired such permits in the country. The NPDES permit limits the discharge of toxic substances, and requires monitoring for impacts to marine life.

For 42 years, Pilgrim has used a "once-through cooling system," allowed under its NPDES permit, taking massive amounts of seawater and killing billions of marine organisms, while also dumping hot and chemically polluted water into the bay.

NPDES permits are meant to protect our waterways, and are supposed to be updated every 5 years to ensure the most protective requirements and technologies are being used to do so.

We have urged regulators to update Pilgrim's permit – and they finally listened! The new draft permit was recently issued, but it will allow Pilgrim to keep operating with the same outdated cooling system for three more years – until the planned shutdown in 2019. The permit also sets limits on water intake and pollutants discharged to Cape Cod Bay after shutdown and during site clean-up and decommissioning activities.

Pilgrim's NPDES permit should not allow the continued use of antiquated "once-through cooling system" technology. The new permit should require any power production activities that harm Cape Cod Bay to cease prior to any re-fueling in 2017, and focus entirely on controlling and monitoring pollution and marine impacts related to post-power production activities.

 June 20, 2016 at Elm Street Dam
EPA will hold a public hearing on July 21 at the Plymouth Public Library (132 South Street). The agency will provide information about the new draft NPDES permit, and accept public input. The informational session is from 6:15 - 7:00 PM, and the public hearing will begin at 7:15 PM. Even if you are not planning to offer verbal comments, your attendance is still very important to show the EPA that you care about the issue, and learn more about it.
EPA is also seeking written comments until July 25. Address comments to Mr. George Papadopoulos and email to This is so very important to influence the EPA's final permit. Feel free to use the text in the yellow box above, or visit our website for more detailed talking points →

The EPA will use public comments and input to develop the FINAL permit, so it is critical to be engaged in this issue while this narrow window of opportunity is open! EPA needs to know that people are concerned. Please show your support for the local environment – get involved and take action. Thank you!

Any questions, please email us:

ACTION ALERT: Protect Cape Cod Bay from More Pollution!

Stop Perpetuating the Myth of the Nuclear Renaissance | US News Opinion

Desperate times for the nuclear industry call for desperate rhetoric. Hence the reach, once again, for "renaissance," even though the facts support no such thing and the industry itself dare not even resurrect the mythological moniker. ["The New Nuclear Renaissance," 6/11/2016]
With nuclear power priced out of the market – not only by natural gas but, more importantly for climate, by renewables – die-hard nuclear proponents are dressing up old reactors in new propaganda...

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

various #BustTheMyth articles

whats up: #BustTheMyth – nukes are NOT carbon-free, clean, safe, green, or affordable!

 Is nuclear power the answer to climate change?

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•  Mark Jacobson to James Hansen: Nukes Are Not Needed to Solve World’s Climate Crisis

Join the March for a Clean Energy Revolution -- July 24 in Philadelphia!
Join us as we put the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free agenda front and center on the political spectrum this year!  We are mobilizing the NFCF Contingent - join us, and bring your friends and activist compatriots. 
Buses and carpools to Philadelphia are being organized now - find out how to plug in or contact us to organize one in your area now.

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nuclear? dirty•dangerous•expensive•too_slow!
•  #BustTheMyth – nukes are NOT green clean safe or affordable!



 Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent to the Clean Energy Revolution March
!!! July 24 in Philadelphia !!!

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whats up: #BustTheMyth – nukes are NOT carbon-free,
clean, safe, green, or affordable!

Nuclear Power – No Solution to ClimateChange!

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What Do We Mean When We Say "Clean Energy"? | Co.Exist | ideas impact

We need to stop using natural gas and nuclear on our way to truly clean power.

Nobody wants dirty fossil fuels, and given that coal plants are closing all across this country, the energy industry is scrambling to present it’s next in line: natural gas and nuclear power. They’re claiming that it’s clean. And while we desperately need to get off dirty coal and oil, this bait and switch is dangerous...

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whats up: #BustTheMyth :: nukes are NOT carbon-free, clean, safe, green, or affordable!