Monday, February 25, 2013

Nuclear Labor Issues


They are called Nuclear Nomads, Glow Boys, Radium Girls, Atomic Gypsies, Gamma Sponges, Liquidators, Luminizers, Jumpers, and Bio-Robots. They are the disposable laborers and migrant workers of the Nuclear Military/Industrial Nexus. An entire class of essentially undocumented workers travel from nuclear plant to plant. When they exceed their RAD (radiation exposure) limit at a facility, they migrate to another. This practice is tacitly accepted by the industry for as long as it has existed. Although warnings have been issued, the industry could not function without them. The labor laws that exist are not enforced.

Slipping through holes in the system. Records are required to be kept, but frequently they are not. Personnel were not properly trained resulting in their own exposure to toxic amounts of radiation. There are ongoing failures to perform required radiological screenings or to implement corrective actions. Tragically, the questions that are raised go unanswered, and with the exception of a few whistleblowers, the vast majority of laborers - underpaid, overworked and exploited, have few incentives to share their stories. Below is a list of films, books, and articles concerning these unseen workers of the nuclear industry.

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