Monday, December 19, 2016

SMOKE SCREEN – why building new nukes is a lost opportunity for humankind with precious time and money wasted on the wrong choice | Fairewinds Energy Education

The Fairewinds Crew created this special 2-minute animation to show you why building new nukes is a lost opportunity for humankind with precious time and money wasted on the wrong choice. At least $8.2 Trillion would be needed to build the 1,000 atomic reactors the nuclear industry wants – that’s 1 reactor every 12-days for 35-years. Watch the animation to see what it means and why!

If you want more information, we have issued a paper, and presented this topic at several major universities and forums , and wanted to make it more accessible to people throughout the world. Truthout published Arnie Gundersen’s summation of this project in a news analysis entitled: Nuclear Power Is Not “Green Energy”: It Is a Fount of Atomic Waste.

People often say: here’s what it boils down to, but at Fairewinds we have found that in the nuclear business, ‘boiling something down’ is not a good thing to do!  Here in Vermont, where we make maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree, we say: ‘here’s how it sugars off’.  Fairewinds has sugared off the data to give you this 2-minute CO2 Smokescreen Animation; we hope it clarifies a tough topic.
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Nuclear Power Is Not "Green Energy": It Is a Fount of Atomic Waste

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12/11反原発・反核集会のお知らせ | No Nukes Action Committee

12/11反原発・反核集会のお知らせ (english below)***

その間、国はできるだけのことをして福島犠牲者を救ってきたのか? どうして過酷事故が起きてしまったのか、その事実を国民に隠さず見せたのか? 二度と悲惨な事故が起きないよう、努力してきたのか? 残念ながら、その答えは全部ノーです。自主避難者への住宅支援が打ち切られようとしています。
日時 : 12月11日,日曜日 午後3時から
場所 : サンフランシスコ日本領事館前、275 Battery Street、SF
     (BART. Embarcadero駅より3−4ブロック)
主催 : No Nukes Action


12/11 Announcement of anti-nuclear / anti-nuclear rally
Posted by k.delaney on December 6, 2016

Early ones are coming to an end in 2016. Five more than a half years passed already from abominable Fukushima meltdown.

Meanwhile, the country has done as much as possible and saved Fukushima victims? Why did the severe accident happen, did not hide the fact from the public? Have you made an effort to prevent a miserable accident again? Unfortunately, the answer is all no. Housing support for volunteer evacuees is about to be discontinued.

Visited California twice and Chieko Shiina who reported the current situation in Fukushima explains the current situation in the first 5 minutes of the next video.

When citizens have to look at the facts, the country deprives freedom of broadcasting and press, school education does not teach the dangers of nuclear power, promotes Japan to the world at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan says it is safe to lie I am trying to raise the motivation of the people.
"Japan's best!" - Olympics and Paralympic Education that will patronize with patriotism and service

Such nuclear power policies in Japan can not be allowed. It is integrated with the policy toward militarism. Let's give a voice of protest! It is the last 11th meeting this year. I wish for much participation as this year's closing.

The 53rd monthly 11th, December Anti-nuclear / anti-nuclear protest rally
Date and time: December 11, Sunday from 3 pm
Reading letters to Abe and speaking out. Scheduled to be dissolved around 4 o'clock
Place: before the Consulate in San Francisco 275 Battery Street, SF
(3-4 blocks from BART. Embarcadero station)
Organized by: No Nukes Action

12/11反原発・反核集会のお知らせ | No Nukes Action Committee