Thursday, May 17, 2012

US Nuclear Petition | Environmental Action

One year after Fukushima, there are dozens of nuclear plants just like it operating in the U.S. But President Obama and too many members of Congress are still touting nuclear as 'safe' and 'clean'. It's not - it's a disaster waiting to happen that could impact up to 50 Million Americans.

We, the undersigned, call on President Obama and all members of Congress to drop their misguided support for nuclear power in the U.S. We must learn the lessons of Fukushima, 3-mile Island and Chernobyl. We must close down all existing U.S. Nuclear plants and stop building new ones for the sake of the planet and all of us who live on it.
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Scroll down to check out the map to see if you live in a nuclear danger zone , then sign to tell Congress and President Obama to both shut down existing nuke plants and to stop approving new ones.

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