Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flashpoints: Michio Kaku & Karl Grossman on Fukushima & Nuclear Industry

Interviews by Dennis Bernstein on his radio program "Flashpoints Daily Investigative News Magazine"

Flashpoints Daily Newsmag 05-09-12. Dr. Micio Kaku by FLASHPOINTS NEWS MAGAZINE on SoundCloud

Today on Flashpoints, Fukushima reactor 4 still threatens the world as we know. We'll spend the hour with Dr. Micio Kaku

Flashpoints Daily Newsmag 05/14/12. Fukushima melt down update. Interview with Carlos Montes by FLASHPOINTS NEWS MAGAZINE on SoundCloud

Fukushima melt down update with Dr. Karl Grossman. Carlos Montes, long time anti-war and Chicano activist still under attack by the Federal Government for his radical activites. Later another excerpt from Dr. Micio Kaku's speech given for a KPFA benefit.

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