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Kudankulam protest updates | Dianuke is gone?

Indian Nuclear Protesters Apprehensive of Police Attack | website disabled!  <  


The following post was originally published on The site seems suspended under questionable circumstances. The message is being republished here in solidarity of the struggle and with a view to the time sensitive nature of the appeal for help.
update from Nithyanand Jayaraman
It is difficult to get reliable news. The folks in Idinthakarai are in a virtual prison, and cannot go out to verify. Our friends from Tirunelveli suggest that 10 companies, or 2000 police, are posted in and around Idinthakarai. That is roughly four police for every woman fasting to since May 4 to be heard. The fear is that the police will attempt to arrest Udayakumar and Pushparayan tonight. But when Prashant Bhushan spoke to DIG Varadarajulu, he said that the 2000 people were posted as a precautionary measure, and that they have no intent to move into the village. That is a bit difficult to believe. At the very least, this is war talk. Why do they need 2000 armed men to contain 500 women fasting non-violently?
If the police contingent moves in to the village, the villagers will not keep quiet. We hope that things don’t get ugly. Please call the Police and advise them against precipitate action. The villagers are interested in dialogue, and the police should work towards that:
Bidari, Superintendent of Police: 9940193494
Varadarajulu. Deputy Inspector General of Police:9840970530

 People Apprehensive of Police Attack Idinthakarai Village TONIGHT  • AamJanata: 

Curfew imposed in Kudankulam - Times Of India: Curfew imposed in Kudankulam TNN May 10, 2012, 03.56AM IST Tags: Protestors|Kudankulam nuclear power plant|KUDANKULAM|district administration|Curfew TIRUNELVELI: Clamping down on the protestors, the district administration has imposed curfew in the villages falling within a 7km radius surrounding Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) in Tirunelveli in the wake of resumption of protests. The curfew will be in force till June 7, apparently to prevent any attempts by the anti-nuke protestors to pose any hindrance to the commissioning of the first reactor in the plant in the next few days. "There is information that the protestors have planned to resort to law and order problems. In a bid to prevent riot, preserve peace and harmony, protect life and properties of public, safeguard government properties, to protect the nuclear plant and for the safety of the employees of the Kudankulam nuclear plant, Section 144 is being enforced," said a statement from collector R Selvaraj. Hence, anti-nuclear plant protestors, political parties, organisations and movements that help the protestors are banned from entering the 7-km radius from 6am on May 9 to 6pm on June 7, the collector said.


it is questioned whether the following is authentic (May 11) --
Kudankulam protesters call off planned assembly: PMANE in a press release said the "district authorities have clamped down prohibitory orders such as 144 in and around Koodankulam area." "The citizens’ right to assemble cannot and must not be construed as a siege and this fundamental right must be respected and honored. We would also like to record the fact that we have not inflicted any violence on anybody in any of our protests or agitations for the past nine months," said the Struggle Committee of PMANE. It said: "In the light of the recent development, however, we have requested the people from all the coastal and interior villages to organize 'a day of prayer and fasting' today in their respective churches and temples."

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