Friday, May 4, 2012


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May 4, 2012:

Nuclear power would be the big winner under Sen. Bingaman's dirty "clean energy standard."

San Onofre repairs could top $65 million + tens of millions in replacement power. No restart date set.

Japan will be nuclear-free starting tomorrow. A shame it took tragedy to get there.

Progress Energy wants more ratepayer money, even as it delays new nukes and cost estimates soar.

How secure are US reactors? Could Greenpeace "attack" on French reactor--or the real thing--happen here?

Matt Wald at NYT on Bulletin of Atomic Scientists special issue on effects of low-level radiation exposure

After Fukushima, U.S. is flying blind: NRC is not examining effects of sea level rise on nuclear reactors.

Too easy. Video of Greenpeace powered-paraglider flying over French nuclear site, dropping smoke bomb.

Tough security...Greenpeace pilot drops smoke bomb, lands at French nuclear site.

Hunger strike resumes at India's ongoing Kudankulam anti-nuclear protests.

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