Friday, March 2, 2012

California Nuclear Initiative - SHUT THEM DOWN


California Nuclear Initiative: On November 18, California’s Secretary of State approved the ballot initiative that seeks the closure of the two remaining nuclear power plants in California, thus starting the countdown for collecting the 504,760 signatures needed by April 7 to place this initiative on the ballot in the presidential election in November 2012.

After drafting the initiative that led to the closure of the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant near Sacramento in 1989, I know the power that a handful of people can have when the timing is right. Rancho Seco is the only nuclear power plant ever closed by the initiative process. We can do this again. This current initiative was filed subsequent to the recent nuclear disaster in Japan, knowing that this reminder of the horrific potential of the use of nuclear power has created the environment to pass such an initiative now, assuring that California does not experience a similar disaster in the future.

This initiative was drafted to parallel existing state law prohibiting the creation of new nuclear power plants until the federal government finds a solution to dispose of radioactive nuclear waste and reprocess spent fuel rods. Although outlawing nuclear power plants completely may be the preferable solution, this approach will effectively shut down the two currently operating plants for the foreseeable future by stopping them from creating additional nuclear waste until a federal solution arrives...

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