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#Occupy Nuclear
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10.29 'Witch Watch' at Hinkley Point, Somerset

10.29 Chennai and Trivandrum on October 29 (?)
[check dianuke]

10.30経団連会館前抗議! Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

October 30 URGENT! Protest in Front of KEIDANREN KAIKAN.Following on from the protest held on Sep 25, and Oct 16 the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes will once again protest against Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), a leader of the business community that continues with its unremitting pressure, for ignoring the voice of the people and largely setting back the future path toward zero nuclear power.
DATE/TIME: 10/30 (Tuesday) 6pm – 8pm (planned)PLACE: In front of Keidanren Kaikan (just outside C2b exit of Otemachi station)Organizers: Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

10.30 #SaveWhales NO SEISMIC TESTING San Luis Obispo Government Center

10.30 NRC - FOE #SanOnofre petition hearing Oct 30th to be webcast

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission. DATES: Week of October 29, 2012. PLACE: Commissioners’ Conference Room, 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland.
STATUS: Public and Closed. ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO BE CONSIDERED:Week of October 29, 2012
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
8:55 a.m.—Affirmation Session (Public Meeting) (Tentative). Southern California Edison Co. (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station), Docket Nos. 50–361 and 50–362–CAL, Petition to Intervene, Request for Hearing, and Stay Application (June 18, 2012) (Tentative).
This meeting will be Web cast live at
the Web address—

10.31 UK 'From Fukushima to Reading: Public protection or public whitewash?'

11.1-18 see: whats up: 11.1-18 Anti-Nuclear Events in San Diego

11.3 UK Nuclear Trains Action Group stall, Brixton @StopNukePower

11.8 NY Helen Caldicott and Bob Herbert: Loving This Planet

11.11 反原発1000000人大占拠 Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

11.11 PARIS #AntiNuclear Protest

11.13 Efforts to Improve Nuclear Power Safety | UCS web-based briefing

11.13-14 #Darlington Public hearings (registration was 10.15)
*** POSTPONED *** Flood of public interest prompts nuclear hearing delay - A flood of public interest has prompted Canada’s nuclear regulator to delay hearings into the overhaul of the Darlington nuclear station. Hearings were due to open Nov. 13 before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Courtice, near Oshawa. But the commission said Friday that the hearings have been put off until Dec. 3. The delay is because of the “high number of interventions,” according to the notice. A commission spokesman said there have been 200 interventions filed, with 90 groups or individuals requesting time for oral presentations. Ontario Power Generation, which owns and runs the reactors, is proposing to give the reactors a mid-life overhaul.

11.14 #SaveWhales NO SEISMIC TESTING Ca Coastal Commission Santa Monica

11.14-16 Calif. Coastal Commission

11.21 INDIA Tamil Nadu and Kerala Work Boycott on World Fisheries Day

12.1-7 Buddhist March and Fast to Decommission #SanOnofre

12.1-3 CHICAGO: A Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High Ending the Nuclear Age
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12.3 #Darlington Public hearings


VOTE NO + RT: Do You Support Uranium Mining in Virginia??

whats up: Utilities’ nuclear power plants threaten millions

PETITION Nuclear Power - Too dangerous. Too expensive. Not worth it!!

The Great Fallout | One Earthquake Away From a Very Bad Day


Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing
facebook group

NEWS: 2,830 whales, dolphins and seals of 25 different species will be harassed

Protect whales from dangerous seismic testing @Greenpeace

PETITION CA Coastal Commission #SaveWhales Stop Seismic Testing

PETITION #SaveWhales - Halt Seismic Imaging Project of CA coast

also: The Chumash Nation is speaking out against the Diablo Canyon Seismic project off the Central Coast of California.

whats up: #OccupyNuclear

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