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Hundreds Nuclear Safety Problems in EU & Fukushima update 10/3/12

Hundreds Nuclear Safety Problems in EU & Fukushima update 10/3/12 - YouTube

Published on Oct 3, 2012 by  | MsMilkytheclown's channel - YouTube
'Hundreds of problems' at EU nuclear plants - Hundreds of problems have been found at European nuclear plants that would cost 25bn euros (£20bn) to fix, says a leaked draft report.
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NRA: No judgment on reactors resumption

Crisis centers to be moved farther from reactors

Nuclear disaster guidelines to be expanded

NRA to closely monitor Fukushima decommissioning

Govt. to judge safety of reactors resumption

FEMA simulate Nuclear Disaster at Indian Point (not covered in this update)

Latest Headlines:
Asahi: Cesium levels spike in Fukushima primates — Radioactivity much higher in 2012 than in June 2011

NHK: "Underground spring-water" a concern in Fukushima fallout study — Drone helicopter now measuring radiation around plant (VIDEOS)

Radio: "Every few days sinkhole gets bigger and gas bubbles spread out" — "My big fear is significant groundwater and aquifer contamination" for that area of Louisiana (AUDIO)

Top US Nuclear Official: Technologies don't exist yet to clean up Fukushima site... very difficult to overstate difficulty (VIDEO)

Nuclear Whistleblower: I was asked to leave my church — It's been a living hell (VIDEO)

Mother Tells Official: "Lick that soil! Please lick it! Children lick the soil — Please take the soil in your hand and lick it" after being told it doesn't need to be removed from Fukushima school (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Fill Fukushima reactors with cement and come back in 100 years — It's too radioactive (VIDEO)

Intelligence agency pressured researchers to withhold info on spread of Fukushima radiation

Radio: 1 million cancers coming from Fukushima? "We're seeing that already... Enormous increase in cancer precursor" (VIDEO)

Gundersen: They think "biological fouling" is causing temperature increase at Unit No. 1, organisms growing in pipes (VIDEO)

Legal Expert: They applied for permits to dispose of radioactive and other waste in cavern below giant sinkhole... and the material is leaking out (AUDIO)

White smoke coming out from Fukushima Daiichi radioactive waste storage facility

Radio: Geologists predict entire 3-mile-wide salt dome below sinkhole may collapse — "This is a really an ongoing disaster, it's going to continue to get worse" (AUDIO)

Mother/Farmer: We found 75% of Fukushima contaminated with high levels of radioactivity — This should be declared a 'radiation control area' (VIDEO)

Tepco checking for damage inside reactor at Fukushima DAINI

New flyover footage shows grass road is dissolving into giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)

Temperature jumps almost 10ºC in 24 hours at Fukushima Reactor No. 1 gauge (CHART)

Sinkhole Briefing: "Whole area" being monitored for subsidence — Concern about stability of "entire dome" — Residents ask if venting gas out of ground could cause further collapse (VIDEO)

Nikkei: Sec. Clinton personally pressured Japan leader to keep nuclear power as "President Obama wishes it"

Tokyo hospital for sale, will dispatch its doctors to Fukushima to treat workers at Daichi and DAINI — Tokyo hospital owned by... Tepco

M6.3 quake hits off northeastern Japan — M5.0 in same area 30 minutes later — Hours after three in Fukushima

Detonation or Deflagration at Unit 4? Experts: "Huge detonation sound" when it was severely damaged after 3/11

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