Monday, October 1, 2012

A Statement of Solidarity with the people of India | Coalition Against Nukes

Please sign and share in solidarity with antinuclear protestors in India - thousands of people are involved and they need your support against repression  - this is about human rights and democracy, autonomy and sustainability; about government forcing a radioactive and dangerous future upon an entire region of communities, changing their healthy fisheries and farms forever...

A Statement of Solidarity with the people of India

Jal satyagraha in Tamil Nadu TvarajAs citizens of the world we have been watching with awe, inspiration and great concern as masses of Indian people have risen up to confront the corrupt partnership of the Indian government and nuclear industry at the Koodankulam and Jaitapur nuclear sites. We have joined in solidarity with the organizers of this movement to resist the nuclear madness in India and in our respective homelands. The US/Indian nuclear partnership has been forced on India through a neocolonial relationship that is demanding the nuclearization of this important strategic ally to the US military industrial machine.

During the September 20th and 21st convergence on the US Capitol to call for an end to the production of nuclear weapons and energy in America, many voiced our concerns and shared our inspiration for and from the Indian people standing up to nuclear sponsored state repression in this struggle. The people protesting the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu, India have been struggling nonviolently at the grassroots level to stop this plant since the 1980s. This movement has mushroomed in the face of opposition from the state and industry with tens of thousands of people powerfully and peacefully resisting this nuclear assault.

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