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My Greenpeace colleagues aboard our new flagship the Rainbow Warrior in the Indian Ocean shared a heartwarming experience when a frolicking group of humpback and minke whales put on quite a show. The excitement of their encounter just reverberated through their email and I can see from these photos why they were so pumped. It’s not a stretch to say these whales were happy and playful. Why wouldn’t they be as the entire Indian Ocean is a whale sanctuary where they can live in peace? What a contrast this is to other parts of the world where whales not only don’t have protections but face a myriad of direct threats from humans. One huge emerging threat to whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife is happening now in the coastal waters of California... (more)

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11.14 #SaveWhales
NO SEISMIC TESTING :: Ca Coastal Commission, Santa Monica

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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is posed to conduct seismic testing in a grid pattern over a large area off the Central Coast of California from Cambria to the Santa Maria River. Tests could begin as early as September 2012 and last until the end of the year. The research ship would emit blasts of very loud noise into the ocean. Streamers four or five miles long would be towed behind the vessel, which would pick up the sound waves as they penetrate several miles into the Earth’s crust and reverberate back to the surface...

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The goal of the seismic imaging project is to attempt to measure the three major earthquake fault lines which run along our coast. The existence of these fault lines, especially after the continuing disaster at Fukushima, Japan, call into question the advisability of maintaining the Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility, operating near Avila.

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Protect Central Coast Wildlife from Seismic Testing - Sierra Club
Protect Our Marine Wildlife and Fisheries from Seismic Testing

This November, PG&E plans to begin the seismic testing program required by regulators to determine whether the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant can continue to operate safely.Environmental reviews for this project have already found “significant and unavoidable” impacts on marine life like whales and porpoises. Previous seismic testing has even been linked to whale strandings, disorientation in marine mammals, and fish kills.Seismic testing could also have devastating effects on our fisheries and local economies. Local fisherman will not be allowed to work in waters while they are being surveyed and the noise could threaten rockfish, a lucrative species for central coast fishermen.Tell the California Coastal Commission to require PG&E to fully account for and minimize all threats to our marine wildlife from seismic testing.

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Petitioning Central Coast District Office
 Protect Sea Life, Sacred Chumash Cultural Sites, and Religious Beliefs from Seismic Testing.
Diablo Canyon Power Plant also known as PG&E is attempting to get approval for 3D Geophysical Seismic Testing.  If approved Marine Life living between Point Buchon and Guadalupe will be under seriouse attack by Air Cannons booming 250 decibles into 580 square nautical miles of the ocean.  These powerful Air Cannons will blast every 10 to 20 seconds for 42 days straight.  These booms will travel into the water and 10 miles into the earth's crust, destroying fragile and sensitive Sacred Chumash Cultural Sites.  These blasts are so powerful that PG&E suggests fisherman, divers, kayakers, boaters (including our tomol paddlers), and surfers remain out of the water due to cause of illness and even death.  In PG&E's own Environmental Impact Report it states a large list of animals that will be killed and the negative impact on submerged Chumash Cultural Resource Sites.

Chumash Nation speaks out against seismic testing off California coast

The Chumash Nation is speaking out against the Diablo Canyon Seismic project off the Central Coast of California.
The California-based energy company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) wants to carpet bomb approx. 580 square nautical miles of sea floor with powerful Air Cannons that will blast every 10 to 20 seconds for 42 days straight.
The Chumash warn that these 260db sonic blasts, which will travel through the water and 10 miles into the earth's crust, will devastate the local marine ecosystem and possibly destroy fragile and sensitive Sacred Chumash Cultural Sites.
PG&E itself suggests that fisherman, divers, kayakers, boaters (including our tomol paddlers), and surfers remain out of the water during the tests due to the possibility of illness and even death. PG&E's Environmental Impact Report also lists a number of animals that will be unavaoidably impacted... (more)

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