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NUCLEAR VIDEOS: The Retrosic - bomb & "Victory At Sea"

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no nukes - YouTube:


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Musicians United for Safe Energy

Radiation and Japan: Tadaaki Hachisu, Egg Farmer - YouTube: Interview with Tadaaki Hachisu, egg farmer. Saitama, Japan. October 2011.

The Retrosic - bomb - YouTube

Radioactive waste swamps Japan sewage plants - YouTube

Wolf_Maahn - Tschernobyl das letzte_Phase out_NPP - YouTube

Wolf Maahn und die Deserteure - Tschernobyl - Das letzte Signal vor dem Overkill (last signal before overkill) -
Performance of 1986 - 25 years fight for nuke phase out in Germany - mankind is still mad.
Join the international petitions for phase out now !:

Lyrics (Chernobyl, THE LAST SIGNAL BEFORE THE OVERKILL) - English translation -

In the meantime, we're writing the year 1986,
the exploitation and destruction of nature has truly reached gigantic proportions.
And still - and still, people seem to accept it.
Everybody in the belief that he couldn't do anything against it and 'it'(!) wouldn't happen. (?)
The question is, whether one incident,
that has occurred on the 26th April can change something?
We are talking about the first so-called worst-case scenario,
the worst possible accident at a nuclear power plant,
which has contaminated the whole of Europe
with radioactivity in a not yet foreseeable extent.
Oohoho Chernobyl ! The last signal before the overkill.
Heh, heh, stop the nuclear power plants! Heh!
Radiation Measurement gangs roam streets and parks by holding Geiger counter over milk and lettuce.
All the children cry at night, "Mom say it is not true, 'today we were in the rain, tell me are we contaminated now?"
Already everyone is doing as if nothing had happened.
They want us to believe, everything would have halved.
Physicists continue to play with leukemia of the masses.
To err is indeed human, but it never happens here.(?)
Oohoho Chernobyl ! The last signal before the overkill.
Heh, heh, stop the nuclear power plants! Heh!
Chancellor and party leaders continue 'to rely' on nuclear.
Leave the power of sun, wind and water unused.
That we can filter coal it doesn't seem to interest them.
They risk the destruction.
As if they wanted to put Emperor Nero in the shadow!
....who set just only one city in fire...
Oohoho Chernobyl ! The last signal before the overkill.
Heh, heh, stop the nuclear power plants! Heh!
Heh, heh, stop the nuclear power plants!
Heh! stop the nuclear power plants! Heh!

List of SUPERGAUS (Ines-Level 6,7):
29 September 1957 Kyschtym, Majak (UdSSR, 6)
26 April 1986 Chernobyl (UdSSR, 7)
11 March 2011 Fukushima (Japan, 7)
List of other Gaus Ines-Level 4 to 6:
21st August 1945 Los Alamos (USA, 4); May 1945 Los Alamos (USA, 4); 12st December 1952 Chalk River (Canada, 5); 29th December 1955 Idaho Falls (USA, 4); 7th October 1957 Windscale, Sellafield (GB, 5); 30th December 1958 Los Alamos (USA, 4); 26th July 1959 Simi Valley (USA, 59); 20th November 1959 Knoxville (USA, 4)

Victory At Sea - Design For Peace - Episode 26 - YouTube

A Production of The National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with the United States Navy

The atomic bomb is detonated, and its effects demonstrated at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With that, the Japanese surrender, and their diplomats and military officials sign the official surrender documents aboard the USS Missouri. The U.S. armed forces come home to signs saying, "Welcome Home" before they are greeted by mothers, wives, children and fellow neighbors. But before the series is ended, there is one last parade to march in their honor.

rc's NUCLEAR playlist at YouTube channel


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