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We do not want atomic!

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We do not want atomic

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25 lat po wybuchu w Czarnobylu Polska zamierza kontynuowac budowe elektrowni jadrowych w kilku lokalizacjach , z tej okazji skunkheads wyraza swoj sprzeciw wobec polityki atomowej .

25 years after explosion at Chernobyl, Poland intends to continue to build nuclear power plants in several locations, on this occasion skunkheads expresses its opposition to nuclear policy.

pretty shocking stuff - what else can you say?

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- in case you missed this yesterday -
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Physicians for Social Responsibility Press Conference 4/26/11



rueters: Workers enter Japan reactor for first time since blast

treehugger: Voters Want Clean Energy, Not Drilling, Poll Finds

treehugger: Solar & Energy Efficiency are "Cute" But Not the Answer, Bill Gates Says. Nuclear Power Is.

rueters: Special report: In China the big nuclear question is "how soon"?
(Reuters) - The congenial Professor Duan Xuru doesn't look like a stereotypical mad scientist as he shows guests into a cluttered laboratory filled with canisters, vacuum pumps and patched-up pipes tied together with spirals of blue wire and rubber tubing.

But Duan, based in the southwest Chinese city of Chengdu, is working on an audacious project described as a "man-made sun". He hopes it will eventually create almost unlimited supplies of cheap and clean energy.

the australian: Ferguson rejects call to abandon N-power
RESOURCES Minister Martin Ferguson has championed the future of nuclear power, rejecting calls that it be abandoned as an energy source in the wake of earthquake damage to Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant.

bbc | asia-pacific: Fukushima workers enter nuclear reactor building

rueters: E.ON says profit outlook hinges on nuclear restart
May 5 (Reuters) - E.ON (EONGn.DE), the world's largest utility, said its earnings predictions for this year hinge on Germany allowing it to restart two nuclear power plants it had to shut down after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

upi, science: Australia-looks-at-nuclear-powers-future
PERTH, Australia, May 5 (UPI) -- Nuclear power must be seriously considered as an option globally to reduce carbon emissions, said Mining giant Rio Tinto Chairman Jan du Plessis.

"We believe that if the world is very serious about reducing carbon emissions, we're going to have to look more seriously, more extensively at nuclear energy," du Plessis told reporters following the company's annual meeting Thursday, Perth Now newspaper reports. Rally for nuclear safety
A grass-roots group organized after the Japan nuclear disaster is holding what is expected to be a large rally for nuclear safety at Plymouth Rock on Saturday. Its leaders say it is neither antinuclear nor political in purpose.

Spent-fuel storage fuel at the Pilgrim power plant in Plymouth is one area of concern. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/file)

“It’s about families. It’s not about politics,’’ said Anna Baker, coleader of Pilgrim: Make Us Safe Today, or Pilgrim: MUST.
Pilgrim: Make Us Safe Today (Pilgrim MUST) [facebook]
Join us at Plymouth Rock (address: 72 Water Street, Plymouth, MA) on Saturday May 7 from 10am-noon. This is a family friendly event. Speakers will include Paul Gunter (Director, Beyond Nuclear), Jim Cantwell (State Representative), Claire Miller (Toxics Action Center), Mary Lampert (Pilgrim Watch), Randy Kehler (Safe and Green Campaign) and David Agnew (Organizer, Cape Downwinders). Divisions Shown in Nuclear Commission
A congressional hearing Wednesday revealed sharp divisions within the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as it re-examines the safety of the U.S. nuclear-power industry in the wake of the events that crippled a nuclear-power plant in Japan.

Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko in recent days has publicly questioned if U.S. reactors needed to install more emergency power, a potentially expensive step. Mr. Jaczko has also suggested that the commission should examine the industry's flood preparedness and methods for storing spent fuel, both issues connected to the problems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

But on Wednesday, Mr. Jaczko's leadership came under attack at a House hearing where Republican lawmakers accused him of improperly delaying a decision on the fate of a proposed nuclear-waste repository in Nevada's Yucca Mountain. Some of the chairman's fellow commissioners also acknowledged they have disagreed with Mr. Jaczko over certain aspects of his handling of the proposed repository... Why Older Nuclear Power Plants Remain 'Cash Cows' Despite Fukushima
There are no new nuclear plants in the foreseeable future for Exelon Corp., the largest U.S. reactor operator. Old plants, though, are a different story.

Exelon's proposed acquisition of Baltimore-based Constellation Energy, announced yesterday, would add five nuclear reactors at three plants to the 17 reactors at 10 plants that the Chicago-based company already runs. Exelon's total nuclear capacity would climb from 17,047 megawatts to nearly 19,000 if the projected $7.9 billion deal is completed.

"They can buy them much more cheaply than they can build them," said Ellen Vancko, nuclear project manager for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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