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End the nuclear loan program now | Quaint Vermont fixer-upper

So now we are engaged in what may be the final, definitive battle over the future of atomic power in the United States.

America's New Nuke Showdown Starts NOW!! |

From Bonnie, Jackson & Graham:

"We May Be on the Brink...."

Dear supporter...

We may be on the brink of stopping the US nuclear industry from building new reactors.

We ask you to help make this happen.

The atomic industry desperately needs $36 billion in federal loan guarantees.

If we stop them, new reactor construction in this country will be severely restricted, if not ended altogether.

As the editor's blog currently posted at explains:
( )
Japan and Germany have turned away from atomic power.

The first Congressional vote on these guarantees, as embedded in the 2012 federal budget, could happen in an Appropriations subcommittee as early as June 2.

We ask that you contact the White House and your Senators and US Representatives as often and forcefully as you can. You can do that on your own, or through the NIRS Action Alert linked through
( ).

Tell them it's time we scrap the failed atomic power experiment, and embrace the green-powered future we need to survive.

This is a battle that we can win. Defeating these handouts will have a HUGE impact.

Please join us. This definitive turn away from atomic power CAN happen.

No Nukes!

Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Graham Nash

End the nuclear loan program now
- Nuclear Information Resource Center

May 12, 2011

President Obama has asked Congress for an additional $36 Billion--on top of $18.5 Billion already approved by Congress--in taxpayer money for loans to wealthy nuclear utilities to build new nuclear reactors in the U.S. The Appropriations Committees in both the House and Senate will be considering this request over the next few weeks, with the first vote scheduled to occur before June 2.

This program must be ended--not expanded! Please tell your Congressmembers to end this program entirely now. The world's third and fourth largest economies--Japan and Germany--are turning their backs on nuclear power and moving ahead with a new energy future based on safe, clean renewable energy and energy efficiency. The U.S. can and should do the same...

And everyone, please send a letter to your Congressmembers below. And take down the phone numbers of your Members and call them on National Call-In Day for a Nuclear-Free Future, Wednesday, May 18. Thousands of people will be calling Congress demanding an end to the nuclear loan program and for a new push for clean energy. Please join them.

Please help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites...

America's New Nuke Showdown Starts NOW!! |

MAY 16, 2011

As Fukushima continues to leak and smolder, what may be the definitive battle over new nukes in America has begun.

The critical first US House vote on a proposed $36 billion loan guarantee package for reactor construction may come in an Appropriations subcommittee as early as June 2. Green power advocates are already calling and writing the White House and Congress early and often, gearing up for a long, definitive showdown...

So now we are engaged in what may be the final, definitive battle over the future of atomic power in the United States.

Over the next few months, millions of dollars will pour from the industry's lobby into the coffers of Congresspeople willing to vote them billions. The White House shows no signs of turning away from that particular tsunami.

But against all odds, a grassroots green-powered citizens movement has been holding its own. If it does so again this year, a sustainable future may finally be within reach.




May 11, 2011

Dear Friends,

The House and Senate Energy Appropriations Committees are beginning to work on the FY 2012 federal budget. And that means they are beginning to decide the fate of the loan guarantee program for new nuclear reactor construction. We are expecting the first vote in the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy before June 2--within the next three weeks.

As you probably know, President Obama has asked that this program be increased by $36 Billion. That's on top of the $10.2 Billion already in the program and the $8.3 already promised to Southern Company for construction of the Vogtle reactors in Georgia. Plus there is money for uranium enrichment plants in Idaho and Ohio.

Meanwhile, the world's third and fourth largest economies--Japan and Germany--are marching ahead with new energy policies that will focus on clean and safe renewable energy and energy efficiency. It's time the U.S. march ahead in that direction too. And it's time the U.S. end the nuclear loan program. This is the time to act and here are the actions to take now:

Organizations: Here is the text of an organizational sign-on letter that will be hand-delivered to the members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. If you can sign this letter on behalf of your organization, please send your name, title (if one), organization name, city and state to Deadline is 5 pm Eastern Time, Thursday, May 19.

Individuals: Please send a letter to your members of Congress here. We know many of you have sent letters about this program in the past--do it again! We can end this misuse of taxpayer money! And please help spread the word to your friends and colleagues. (Note: if you have a problem sending your letter, wait a few minutes and try again; occasionally the servers become overloaded....let us know if you have a continuing problem).

Everyone: National Nuclear-Free Call-In Day, Wednesday, May 18. Please call your members of Congress and demand an end to the nuclear loan program. The members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are listed below. It is especially important that these members receive your calls. You can reach every member of Congress at 202-224-3121 (and individual office numbers should show up when you send your e-mail to your members, make a note of the numbers and use them May 18!). We want every phone on Capitol Hill ringing off the hook all day May 18!

And know that the American people are with us: According to a March 2011 poll conducted for the Civil Society Institute, 73% of the American people oppose federal loan guarantees for new nuclear reactors. An April 2011 ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 64% oppose new reactor construction entirely.

With your help, we can end the nuclear loan program and begin to build a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future.

Retox / Vermont Yankee

For Sale: Quaint Vermont fixer-upper from the last millennium. Nestled on the bank of the Connecticut River, this antique nuclear reactor features cozy relations with federal regulators and the new governor is from just down the road!

Enjoy regular visits from local senior citizen ladies’ group, plenty of attention from everyone around, and in just a year or so, you're sure to become a part of Vermont history!

This vintage reactor comes complete with:
- array of 22 cooling towers (more or less)
- on-site transformer/fire pit
- easy access to underground pipes
- tasty pre-tritiated drinking water on site
- limited amounts of dry cask storage
- anemic decommissioning fund (nowhere to go but up!)"

TAKE ACTION: Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

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  1. This program must be ended but not expanded. The world's third and fourth largest economies Japan and Germany are turning their backs on nuclear power and moving ahead with a new energy future based on safe, clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.