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Japan nuclear power plant - blast, partial meltdown

People ask me what I think... and all I can say is "I told you so..." - Ace Hoffman

UPDATE MARCH 13 11:00 PM 2300 PST
SECOND Fukushima Explosion: Japan Nuclear Plant Rocked By Hydrogen Explosion

Update on Fukushima Reactor
All Things Nuclear - Update at 11pm EST Saturday 3/12/11:

"On Saturday March 12 at 3:36 pm local time (1:36 am EST) an explosion occurred in the Unit 1 reactor building at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. (Original reports suggested that the explosion took place in an adjacent turbine building, but we no longer believe this is the case.)

"The explosion was very likely a hydrogen explosion. Hydrogen apparently collected somewhere in the reactor building outside of the primary containment (see diagram below). The primary containment consists of the drywell and the wetwell. The top section of the reactor building, known as the refueling bay, has walls of sheet metal, in contrast to the concrete walls of the lower part of the building. The pressure caused by a large enough explosion anywhere in the reactor building would have caused the sides of the refueling bay to blow out since that is the weakest part of the structure and is not designed to withstand high pressures..."

NHK World (english)

Nuclear accident rated at level 4
"Two radioactive substances, cesium and radioactive iodine, were detected near the Number One reactor at the plant on Saturday. Their presence indicates nuclear fission of uranium...
The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said that fuel in the reactor partially melted. It's the first such accident in Japan."

Japanese authorities rush to save lives, avert nuclear crisis
Shirakawa, Japan (CNN) -- A meltdown may be occurring at one of the reactors at a damaged nuclear power plant in northeast Japan, a government official said Sunday morning, sparking fears of a widespread release of radioactive material at a time when rescuers are frantically scrambling to find survivors from the country's strongest-ever earthquake. (INCLUDES VIDEO INTERVIEW with MIT's Jim Walsh.)

Weather Model - North Pacific Jet Stream Wind and 250 mb Pressure (STORMSURF)
Check this out: Fallout could be pointed at West Coast of the U.S. - THIS IS DOES NOT REPRESENT A CURRENT PORTRAYAL OR PREDICTION i.e. its just a model

Fukushima reactor cover blows up - radiation spews amid frantic effort to prevent meltdown
JAPAN TIMES: "...The nuclear power plant lost cooling ability after being jolted by Friday's devastating quake, and radioactive cesium and iodine were detected nearby Saturday...

"...Detection of the materials, which are created in the atomic fission process, prompted the nuclear safety agency to admit the reactor has been melting... At the No. 1 plant, the amount of radiation reached around 1,000 times normal inside the control room of the reactor, and 70 times normal near its main gate..."

And Good Night, American Nuclear Power
Meltdown possible at Japan nuclear plant, official says - Emergencies declared at 5 reactors, leak detected at one; thousands evacuated

FOX NEWS: "This is not to minimize the horror or the suffering of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but for our purposes here the headline is a stark and inarguable one: Japanese Power Company Says It Has Lost Control Of Three Nuclear Plants.

"There is really very little else to say. The perfected, flawless, clean-operating, state-of-the-art, ideal future of energy has in 32 years given us Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and now the nightmare scenario of one company saying there is rising pressure at three of its nuclear facilities and it really doesn’t have a damn thing it can do right now except tell everybody to run...

"Time to shut down this nation’s nuclear energy program. For good..." more

BBC: Exodus from Japan nuclear plant

"An estimated 170,000 people have been evacuated from the area around a quake-damaged nuclear power station in north-east Japan that was hit by an explosion, the UN atomic watchdog says.
A building housing a reactor was destroyed in Saturday's blast at the Fukushima No.1 plant... The authorities said the reactor itself was intact inside its steel container...

"Since Friday's earthquake, radioactive air and steam has been released from several reactors at both Fukushima No.1 and No.2 plants in an effort to relieve the huge amount of pressure building up inside. Sea water and boron is being pumped into the site to lower temperatures...

"The UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said in a statement: "In the 20-kilometre radius around Fukushima Daiichi (No.1), an estimated 170,000 people have been evacuated... In the 10-kilometre radius around Fukushima Daini (No.2) an estimated 30,000 people have been evacuated. Full evacuation measures have not been completed."

GOOGLE SEARCH LATEST NEWS FOR "Fukushima nuclear plant"

Japan struggles with nuclear reactors in wake of quake

Tokyo (CNN) -- Crews at a nuclear plant struck by an earthquake, then a tsunami and then an explosion in the span of 36 hours resorted Saturday to flooding a feverish nuclear reactor with sea water in hopes of preventing a meltdown of its core...


NHK World (english)

Kan vows to protect residents
Prime Minister Naoto Kan says he will do his utmost to safeguard the health of residents near the unstable Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.

Emergency declared to Fukushima No.2 nuclear plant
"...Edano said the pressure control system is not functioning at the plant's 3 reactors, and residents within a 3-kilometer radius have been ordered to evacuate while those within 10-kilometers need to stay indoors."

BBC: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

A powerful explosion has hit a nuclear power station in north-eastern Japan which was badly damaged in Friday's devastating earthquake... FACT SHEET - "...The Fukushima Daiichi unit is just one of five reactors severely imperiled by the earthquake..."
Read more

Atomic Energy Agency: Vienna, 11 March 2011 (1245 CET) | The IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre has received information from Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) that a heightened state of alert has been declared at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Full story → Fukushima nuclear plant blast puts Japan on high alert
• Warnings of possible meltdown amid radiation leaks
• Tens of thousands evacuated after plant explosion
"The explosion followed warnings of a possible meltdown after problems with the cooling system and confirmation of a radiation leak at Fukushima No 1 plant. But nuclear safety officials said it was unlikely the reactor had suffered serious damage, according to the Kyodo news agency..."

AMAZING, the BS you hear from people - "oh, its not a problem" - "there is no danger..." - HA!

"...An uncontrolled temperature rise at the plant could lead to a meltdown of the uranium reactor core. This could burn through the walls of the vessel and release radiation into a containment building that surrounds the reactor. Some fuel is already thought to have melted in the reactor...

"Japanese media said officials had detected iodine and caesium, elements released when overheating causes core damage..."

BBC: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

"The word 'meltdown' goes to the heart of the big nuclear question - is nuclear power safe? ...

"Whether a partial meltdown is under way at Fukushima Daiichi is not yet clear...

"As with its counterparts in many other countries, Japan's nuclear industry has not exactly been renowned for openness and transparency..."

Basic nuclear policy questioned
Critics say disaster plans fail to account for simultaneous quake, reactor emergencies

"...the unprecedented scale of Friday's earthquake and tsunami left questions about not only the adequacy of the measures but the basic policy of pursuing nuclear power in a country as earthquake-prone as Japan."

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Nuclear Power Kills; here's how (Dirty nuclear truths)




Nuclear power plants and other large nuclear facilities in the United States

- from Ace Hoffman on twitter:
American nuclear reactors are just as vulnerable... not just to earthquakes and tsunamis, but to many other accidents: SHUT 'EM DOWN NOW!

This is becoming more like Chernobyl and less like Three Mile Island with each passing minute...

This animation of a BWR reactor is based on a GE Mark 1 reactor, similar to Fukushima:

People ask me what I think... and all I can say is "I told you so..."

UPDATE MARCH 13 11:00 PM 2300 PST
SECOND Fukushima Explosion: Japan Nuclear Plant Rocked By Hydrogen Explosion

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