Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8.10 Point Reyes Station, CA: From FUKUSHIMA to SOLARTOPIA w Harvey Wasserman, EON, Dan Sythe and John Bertucci

Cultural Potholes Institute and EON cordially invite you to a discussion about Fukushima and its on-going local effects you won't hear about in the mainstream media...

Creating a post-nuclear, post-carbon future
Sunday August 10 at 5:30 pm
At the Dance Palace, Church Space in Point Reyes Station
At the corner of 5th & B Streets  

Harvey Wasserman
Author, journalist, historian,   
Co-founder of MUSE - Musicians United for Safe Energy
Editor: nukefree.org            Solartopia advocate: solartopia.org  

Mary Beth Brangan & Jim Heddle
Co-Directors of EON, will present
A Sneak Preview of their forthcoming documentary 
SHUTDOWN: The California - Fukushima Connection
( ShutdownDoc.tv )

DNA & Health Protection Post-Fukushima
Science-based tips for increasing your and your loved ones' resistance to the ongoing Fukushima fallout
Dan Sythe
Founder and CEO of International Medcom  
John Bertucci
Co-Founder, Fukushima Response Campaign
Citizen Monitoring of Fukushima Fallout
 Hors D'oeuvres, wine & beverages - Donations gratefully accepted
RSVPs are advised to: Mercede Ramjerdi
mercede415@gmail.com    415-488-7081

Solartopia.org | HarveyWasserman.com • Breaking Nuke News | NukeFree.org

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Cultural Potholes | It's not what you do see; It's what you don't see!

IMI International Medcom, Inc.

Fukushima Response Campaign

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