Monday, June 11, 2012

Tell Japan's Prime Minister: Keep Japan Nuclear-Free!

June 11, 2012

Our colleagues in Japan--at Green Action, FoE Japan and others, have issued an urgent international plea for help from across the world.
As you may know, Japan is currently nuclear-free--all of its 50+ reactors have been shutdown since the Fukushima disaster of March 2011. But Prime Minister Noda is now seeking restart of the two nuclear reactors at Ohi as soon as possible. And this could be a prelude to more restarts.

Our friends in Japan are asking for us all to raise our voices in protest. The petition below will be delivered to the Japanese embassy in the United States on Monday, June 18. Please sign, please share, using the icons above.

While our international friends may sign this petition, we also encourage you to do similar actions aimed at the Japanese embassies in your countries!

• Tell Japan's Prime Minister: Keep Japan Nuclear-Free!

To: Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan

Dear Prime Minister,

We protest your decision to restart two nuclear power reactors in the town of Ohi in Fukui Prefecture. We ask you to reconsider and instead impose a moratorium on nuclear power in Japan. We ask you to come up with a responsible energy policy for a Japan without nuclear power and based on energy conservation and renewable energies.

Here are our reasons:

*Your decision is undemocratic. It is clear even from the United States that the Japanese public is not supporting you. Many members and parliamentarians of your own party are not standing with you.

*The full truth about the meltdown of the three reactors in Fukushima has not yet been established. The current condition of all four damaged reactors and waste pools is unclear at best, and threatens people even beyond Japan.

*The prevailing, temporary safety standards that have been applied by the stress tests and that you referred to when you declared the Ohi reactors to be safe, are insufficient. At present, essential safety measures that are required by the stress tests have not yet been implemented in Ohi. It is not verified whether the reactors can be shut down safely if a serious earthquake were to occur.

*Any new regime of safety standards must be formulated and overseen by a truly independent Nuclear Safety Agency. This agency has not yet been established, and parliamentary procedures have just been started.

*The sharp increase in seismic activities in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe of March 11 is alarming. The fact that there are active fault lines in the vicinity of the Ohi reactors, and perhaps even under the site is a major reason of concern.

You may reject this letter as an outside interference into the internal affairs of Japan. However, Chernobyl and Fukushima show that the fallout of nuclear accidents does not know national borders, but severely impacts the global environment and bears unknown risks to the health of all mankind. We believe it is our moral obligation to voice our concerns to you.

We also know that our concerns are shared by many people in your country and that a majority of them do not agree with you. We have high respect for the people of Japan, for their sense of community and service in times of great harm. We believe in their creativity and strong will to overcome these difficult times, and to rebuild Japan without nuclear power.

We, therefore, ask you to kindly reconsider the restart of the Ohi reactors and to declare a moratorium on nuclear power. We ask you to come up with a responsible energy policy for a Japan without nuclear power based on energy conservation and renewable energies.

• Tell Japan's Prime Minister: Keep Japan Nuclear-Free!

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