Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I salute Kudankulam struggle, plan to vist protest: Aruna Roy

National Advisory Council (NAC) member Aruna Roy has come down heavily on the government for its handling of the local struggle in Kudankulam against the nuclear power plant. In a letter to NAC chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Roy has raised questions about the government’s lack of transparency on matters concerning nuclear safety.
Firstpost spoke to Roy about the anti-nuclear protests in Kudankulam and why she thinks the space for dissent in India is shrinking.

I salute them and hope that their democratic, peaceful protest reinforces the tradition of civil disobedience of this country. It has, in any case been a courageous struggle that has set a powerful precedent to stand up for an issue in the face of immense global and national pressure. It is extremely important to carve and wedge these spaces for dissent in a world gone mad with power; and the targeting of people who have the least. The rational arguments of the struggle should find acceptance, if India is to call itself a democracy.

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