Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tell the Canadian Government—No Nuclear Waste Trafficking to the US or Any Other Countries!

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is about to amend the licenses for TWELVE Canadian nuclear power reactors on Lake Ontario to allow them to export their nuclear waste to the United States and other countries.

NOW IS THE TIME: Send your comments to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission by August 3rd to oppose Canadian nuclear power license amendments that allow radioactive waste import and export between Canada and the U.S.!
Canada has already been sending some nuclear waste to the U.S. for “processing,” but the amendments would open the door to unlimited amounts especially as the reactors are generating more waste.  There are numerous nuclear waste ‘processors,’ licensed by state nuclear agencies including TN, IL, PA and WA, that burn, shred, melt, acid-etch, and launder radioactive materials. There are a few facilities that deliberately release radioactive waste to regular garbage dumps and commercial recycling streams--materials that are used to make everyday household items--without public notice!
Now Canada is ensuring continued and accelerated import to the U.S. of its waste —er— "materials" by adding amendments to the nuclear power licenses for export and import.
TAKE ACTION below and tell the CNSC to reject the license amendments that allow international nuclear waste trafficking!


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