Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ATOMIC LEGACY ART - Women Eco Artists Dialog

WELCOME TO THE ISSUE ABOUT THE ISSUE THAT WON’T GO AWAY "ATOMIC LEGACY ART" WEAD--WOMEN ECO ARTISTS DIALOG ONLINE MAGAZINE ISSUE #5: Dedicated to the Future. INTRODUCTION by Susan Leibovitz Steinman https://directory.weadartists.org/atomic-art

• Feature Artist Helene Aylon created her Earth Ambulance in 1982. For ten+ years she drove the Ambulance across the United States to Strategic Air Command bases, gathering people to collectively “rescue earth”—from the United Nations Plaza, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. https://directory.weadartists.org/the-earth-ambulance

• Writing about post-Fukushima Japan, writer/publisher HIROKO SHIMIZU brings a sampler of anti-
nuclear activist artists, followed by a long interview with charismatic philosopher-artist ICHI IKEDA. Ikeda works with small rural communities creating large visions of clean water and collective action. https://directory.weadartists.org/japanese-anti-nuclear-art...

• German artist Insa Winkler traveled to Chernobyl with an activist artists’ collective who work with the “forgotten” people living there. She brings back the stories of people still living there, and the projects they worked on. https://directory.weadartists.org/missing-landscape-reflexion-chernobyl

• Working in New York and New Mexico, artist Eve Andrée Laramée creates complex installations and videos about radioactive damage to people and land by resident nuclear industries. https://directory.weadartists.org/tracking-our-atomic-legacy

• Long time anti-nuclear activist artist Beverly Naidus’ experiences are deeply personal and close to heart. Having suffered from serious environmental illnesses in the past, her work confronts the nuclear industry as a tool for healing and power. https://directory.weadartists.org/nuked-notes-journey

• ANN T. ROSENTHAL has been combining anti-nuclear activism and art since 1982. She shares her “atomic pilgrimage” from Guam to Japan to New Mexico to Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation. https://directory.weadartists.org/infinity-city

• Raised a “downwinder” (living near a reactor), Southern California political artist Laura Lynch charts a history of nuclear industry over seven decades and its negative environmental impact. In her ART OF PROTEST she calls on humans to regain “consciousness” to face the real costs of nuclear power. https://directory.weadartists.org/the-art-of-protest


• ON MY MIND: Art critic and EcoArt South Florida founder Mary Jo Aagerstoun asks Can Anti-Nuke Activist Art Be A Form Of EcoArt? while critiquing Florida’s arsenal of aging failing nuclear plant dangers. https://directory.weadartists.org/anti-nuke-ecoart

• JAMES LERAGER presents a photographer’s atomic legacy portfolio https://directory.weadartists.org/a-photo-essay-nuclear-history-nuclear-destiny

• Cecile Pineda shares part of her recent book Devil’s Tango. 

• JL MALBROOK reports on a feminist conference at the The New School for Design in NYC on April 5, 2012. https://directory.weadartists.org/shifting-terrain

ATOMIC LEGACY ART - Women Eco Artists Dialog

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