Thursday, August 17, 2017

Help Save Our Clean Energy Future! #nonukes :: Don't Let #DirtyEnergy Trump the #Climate

Don't Let #DirtyEnergy Trump the #Climate 

Stop the $100+ Billion Nuclear and Coal Bailout

The Trump administration is planning radical actions to advance a dirty energy agenda. Pulling America out of the Global Climate Agreement and ditching the Clean Power Plan are not enough for President Trump. He and his administration want to promote fossil fuels and nuclear power—and to block solar, wind, and the clean energy revolution Americans want and need. 

The Department of Energy wants to expand coal and nuclear power, keeping us tied to two of the dirtiest and most poisonous energy sources ever created. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has issued a report absurdly stating that nuclear and coal are vital to national security. President Trump and Secretary Perry are pushing for a massive coal and nuclear bailout as part of a new policy for “Energy Dominance”. 

This would be a farce if they weren’t serious about it. For decades, dirty energy promoters have tried to sell their poison power under the banner of “energy independence”. But we can’t get more truly independent than generating power from the free sun shining on our rooftops and winds blowing through the fields—not to mention the vast amount of free “negawatts” we never use with smart energy efficiency and conservation.

No—President Trump’s plan is to make Americans pay more for dirty, dangerous coal and nuclear power plants. A nuclear and coal bailout will likely cost hundreds of billions of dollars—dollars that could be used to create a 100% clean energy transition. President Trump refuses to spend a fraction of that amount to support global climate action, but he can’t wait to give mountains of our hard-earned cash to dirty energy executives who have created global warming and nuclear waste.

We have to stop it!

The 2016 election was not a referendum for climate denial and dirty energy. Americans want good jobs and clean air and water and healthy food and communities. 

If the president really wants to revive our economy, create jobs, revitalize local communities, and boost small businesses—then clean energy is the only way to go. Our green energy economy can create millions more jobs than dirty energy could ever provide again. Solar and wind are already creating ten times as many jobs as coal and nuclear for the amount of energy generated. 

The time is now to stop Trump’s dirty energy agenda. Please join us—sign the petition opposing the nuclear and coal bailout. 

And after that, pass it on to your friends and to your contacts on facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Stay tuned for more actions to take as we build this campaign to save our 100% Clean Energy Future!

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