Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7.25-28 People’s National Convention Against Nuclear Energy: Ahmebdabad-Mithi Virdi-Bhavnagar | CNDP

People’s National Convention Against Nuclear Energy: Ahmebdabad-Mithi Virdi-Bhavnagar (July 25-28)


Dear Friends,

India has recently witnessed numerous powerful grassroots movements against nuclear reactors (both existing and proposed), uranium mines and other nuclear facilities and activities.
Representatives of such movements from all over the country will converge together in Ahmedabad on July 25th to finalise a joint charter of demands, and draw up a concerted plan of collective action.
A draft of a People’s Charter Against Nuclear Energy will be circulated very soon.
Comments and suggestions on the draft can be sent till July 20th.
The revised charter and plan of action will be put for further discussion in Ahmedabad in a Convention on July 25th.
The People’s Charter and action plan would be adopted on July 26th and will be released on the same day to the media and larger public in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Activists and citizens converging for the Conference will also go to Mithi Virdi in Bhavnagar district on 27th and 28th to express their solidarity with the ongoing massive struggle against the Westinghouse reactors proposed to be built there.
The People’s Charter Against Nuclear Energy will be circulated nation-wide and follow-up events will be organised in the form of seminars and public meetings. In the forthcoming general elections, agreement on the Charter will be sought from candidates from all the parties.
On behalf of the Organising Committee, we request you to kindly book your tickets and attend the Ahmedabad Convention. Local activist friends are trying to mobilise resources for the participants stay and other arrangements during the Convention. If required, we would also request you to help in collecting contributions.
Kindly ensure your participation and persuade as many friends as possible to participate in the process and finalise the People’s Charter Against Nuclear Energy.
Date and Venue-
25-26th July 2013 (People’s Convention): Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad
27-28 July 2013: Solidarity Visit to Mithi Virdi, Bhavnagar
On behalf of the Organising Committee:
PUNE: Neeraj Jain (91-9422220311, neerajj61@gmail.com)
CHENNAI: Nityanand Jayaraman(91-9444082401, nity682@gmail.com)
DELHI: Kumar Sundaram (91-9810556134, pksundaram@gmail.com)
MUMBAI: Kamayani bali Mahabal (91-9820749204,kamayni@gmail.com)
HYDERABAD: Saraswati Kavula (91-9849718364,skavula09@gmail.com)
DELHI: Bhargavi Dilipkumar (91-9582452343, skavula09@gmail.com)
SURAT: Krishna Kant(91-9427849310, tokrishnakant@gmail.com)


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DRAFT: The People’s Charter On Nuclear Energy | CNDP:
Dear friends, This People’s Charter On Nuclear Energy will be finalised and adopted in Ahmedabad on July 25-26 in the upcoming People’s National Convention Against Nuclear Energy. It has been circulated to all the grassroots groups struggling against nuclear power projects and radiation risks. We urge you to read and circulate it, translate it and discuss within your group and send your individual/collective comments to pksundaram@gmail.com before July 22, 2013. After incorporating suggestions received through emails, the draft will be put before the convention for further discussion and adoption. With best regards, Kumar Sundaram Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace. Email: pksundaram@gmail.com Mobile Phone: 91-9810556134

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