Saturday, July 13, 2013

10.13 No Nukes Day 原発ゼロ☆統一行動 -福島を忘れるな・再稼働を許すな- 首都圏反原発連合

6.2 No Nukes Dayに続き、首都圏反原発連合、さようなら原発1000万人アクション原発をなくす全国連絡会が合同で大規模アクションを呼びかけます!
【10.13 No Nukes Day 原発ゼロ☆統一行動-福島を忘れるな・再稼働を許すな-】

Following the 6.2 No Nukes Day, metropolitan area anti-nuclear coalition 10 million people primary action, the National Coordinating Committee to Eliminate [Nukes], the nuclear power plant is calling for a large-scale action jointly goodbye!
Let's get together from all over the country on the 13th October!

10.13 No Nukes Day 原発ゼロ☆統一行動 -福島を忘れるな・再稼働を許すな- 首都圏反原発連合

さようなら原発1000万人アクション | 原発をなくす全国連絡会 | 首都圏反原発連合

首都圏反原発連合 (facebook)
Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes on Facebook (English)

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