Tuesday, April 30, 2013

281_Anti nuke - Documentary Trailer

281_Anti nuke - Documentary Trailer from Uchujin

Uchujin -The Blog: I’m very pleased to be able to show the trailer for my new documentary “281_Anti nuke.” Post Fukushima, a young father and artist assumes a mask and the name ’281_Anti nuke’ and takes to the streets of Tokyo angering right wing users of the Internet.”
Filmed over more than a year after seeing his work everywhere in Shibuya and finally making contact with him, it was a delicate situation in which his identity was hidden from me at all times, even now I have never seen his face, I do not know his real name, where he lives or what he does for a job.
His fear of the police and the far right means that he is very careful to maintain his anonimity at all times.
Called by some the Japanese Banksy, a moniker that does not do this soft spoken man justice as his work and his motivation are uniquely his.
The full 20 minute film is currently being submitted to film festivals and so will not appear here for sometime, but if you are lucky you may be able to catch a private or preview screening around Tokyo. I’ll keep you posted.
Big thanks to:-
The musicians who let me use their music for free, Frying DutchmanÁrni KristjánssonRepeat Pattern and Fleck E.S.C.
The music in the trailer is taken from the amazing track “Human Error” by Frying Dutchman.
see the 20 minute live performance here if you haven’t yet I strongly recommend it!
Roth Management & Ryan Roth for liasing with 281, smoothing the course to the finished film and being a very nice man.
Ian Thomas Ash for all of his help and advice in the final stages of the film.
A special huge thank you to Erina Suto my co-producer/co-editor and translator without whom this project would have been impossible.
Love and Hugs always.
And, of course, Thanks to 281 for participating.

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