Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell the NRC to strengthen emergency planning rules

The NRC and FEMA are planning to revise their basic regulations governing emergency planning around nuclear reactors. And they say they want to know your thoughts on what these revisions should include. But they’re not making it very easy for you to do so…

That’s where NIRS comes in! Since the NRC and FEMA are refusing to take your comments via e-mail, we’ve set up a petition below, with room for your added comments, to tell the NRC and FEMA the most important steps they can take to improve emergency planning:

*Expand the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone

*Plan and practice for natural disasters that cause or affect nuclear accidents (can you imagine trying to evacuate the New Jersey coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?)

*Use the real-world experience of Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, not computer simulations that predict few if any consequences from reactor accidents.

* Women and children are much more susceptible to radiation than men. Radiation standards—and emergency response—must be based on protecting those most vulnerable to radiation. That means standards and responses based on exposure to a young girl, not an “average man,” as is currently done. And emergency response must be designed to protect against chronic disease, not just acute symptoms.

None of these steps are a substitute for closing down nuclear reactors, of course. But as long as deadly nuclear reactors continue operating, the NRC and FEMA have an obligation to offer as much protection to the public as possible. And right now, they are not filling that obligation.
We will be getting this petition to the NRC and FEMA before the January 31, 2013 deadline.
Notes: If you would like to share this petition on Facebook/Twitter, etc., please do sobefore submitting your signature.
The petition is lengthier than usual because it represents formal comments to the NRC. And because these are formal comments that may be published on the NRC website, please do not put in your street address or phone number.

Tell the NRC to strengthen emergency planning rules

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