Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12.15-1.15 PERTH Inhabited exhibition


Inhabited is an exhibition including photographs by Jessie Boylan and audio from Bilbo Taylor, documenting the real life experiences and impacts of the nuclear industry in Australia. This exhibition is an important historical record of events that took place across this country with impacts that still last today.

Inhabited exhibition (facebook event page)

Jessie Boylan – Photography
Bilbo Taylor – Audio
In 2005, then Environment Minister, Brendan Nelson announced the federal government’s decision to establish a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. At the time he said “Why shouldn’t people living in the middle of nowhere have a radioactive waste dump on their land?”. Inhabited aims to reveal the myth of uninhabited and lifeless places that is created by politicians and industry promoting nuclear activity in Australia.
From the British-Australian atomic tests in South Australia and Western Australia in the 50s and 60s to past and present uranium mines and the proposal for a national nuclear waste dump in Australia, Inhabited gives a face to the people most directly impacted by nuclear developments in Australia, but whose voices are the least heard.
*Please note, this exhibition was created in 2006/07 when the proposed national nuclear waste dump had 3 potential locations in the Northern Territory. As of 2011 is has been planned for Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek in the NT; although legislation still has not passed in Parliament.
Inhabited | Jessie Boylan

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