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TOKYO - Fridays: “STOP THE OI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT” PROTEST • Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

“STOP THE OI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT” PROTEST: Held every Friday in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence.

DATE/TIME: (Fridays) 6pm – 8pm

PLACE: in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence and the Nagatacho and Kasumigaseki areas (please use Kasumigaseki station, Toranomon station, or Sakuradamon station)

※Note: the Kokkaigijidomae station on the Chiyoda / Marunouchi lines is expected to be severely crowded.

ORGANIZERS: Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes


Although Japan’s last nuclear power plant (Tomari Genpatsu) closed on May 15th 2012, Japan’s state of “zero nuclear power” came to an end on July 1st, when the Oi Nuclear Power Plant was re-started; thus, Nuclear-Free Japan only lasted for 56 days. Our point is not only that nuclear power is too dangerous, but also that those 56 days proved that nuclear power is not necessary at all.

The Noda administration ignored the voice of its citizens, 80% of whom are opposed to nuclear power, and decided to restart the #3 and #4 reactors of the Ooi Nuclear plant. We charge that this action was both hasty and unreasonable, and does not take into account the lessons learned from the Fukushima #1 Nuclear accident. In addition, safety measures issued by Kansai Electric company are still inadequate.

We of the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, have called for opposition to the restarting of nuclear plants, assembling in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence to demonstrate every week since our first protest on March 29th.

Beginning with about 300 participants, our numbers grew to 1,000, then to 2,700, to 4,000, to 12,000, and on to 45,000, eventually increasing to 200,000 participants! Since then, despite rainy weather and increasing pressure from the police, tens of thousands of citizens have continued to gather every week.
The image of waves of citizens filling the entire area surrounding the Prime Minister’s Official residence is now etched into the memories of many people, thanks to arial photographs taken from helicopters.

In our continued opposition to the Noda administration, we will again gather on October 5th (Friday) from 6pm, in the area in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence and in the area near the Diet. Let’s make our voices known through protests on an unprecedented scale, calling for the shut-down of Oi reactors 3 and 4, and for the abolition of nuclear power in Japan. We ask for your support, in hopes that participation in this event will steadily increase. Spread the word!


※ Please do not display political flags, placards, or other signs which are not related to the Anti-Nuclear and Nuclear Power Abolition theme. For more details, please check

※ Because the venue is crowded and congested, please do not hand out flyers, or collect signatures, etc., until after the end of the protest at 8pm.

• These protests in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence are firmly designated as non-violent direct action. We ask participants to keep this in mind at all times.

• In addition, we ask that you please follow the directions of event organizers.

• Regarding speeches, please cooperate as follows:
• One minute per person, please.
• Do not speak on themes unrelated to Anti-Nuclear or Abolition of Nuclear Power.
• Appeals from particular groups or party speeches are to be avoided. Please appeal only for yourself, as an individual.
• In the event that your topic of speech is not aligned with organizers’ intentions, you may be interrupted & asked to stop speaking. Again, please understand.

• Notice
For all news and press reporting inquiries, please contact:
press● replace the ● mark with @ before sending)

Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

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