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Fukushima TEPCO Criminals, Ohi Fault Line Investigation

Fukushima TEPCO Criminals, Ohi Fault Line Investigation, update 11/2/12 - YouTube

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Well, here we go again. The Ohi plant is already operational, and the plant owners Know about the Fault running directly under a water cooling pipe. But, the plant owners say, "the fissure is not active". Okay, so then if the fissure DOES become ACTIVE, they will shut the plant down. WTF!?! Hint hint, it will be Too Late by then guys and gals.

A worker for a subcontractor of TEPCO becomes whistleblower after knowingly being sent into a highly radioactive Fukushimna building to lay cable.

TEPCO working very closely with the Japanese version of "the mob" coined Yakuza - a criminal group (to say the least).

Hurricane Sandy update about New York. Hurricane Sandy damage estimated to cost approx 50 Billion dollars. How they can figure that stuff out, I have no idea...

Bulgaria weighs in on whether to go nuclear.

A great pep talk about the long term impact of Nuclear Power.

Fukushima Nuclear Watch: Still Struggling NHK News

Three US nuclear units still out of service due to Sandy: utilities
updates about these plants and other info ...
Exelon Nuclear's Limerick-2 near Philadelphia
Dominion's Millstone-3 in Waterford, Connecticut
Entergy Nuclear's Vermont Yankee near Brattleboro, Vermont

ABC Footage of Anonymous Worker: Radiation injuries after being at Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

America's nuclear safety under scrutiny after Oyster Creek's Sandy alert

A Hard Look at U.S. Reactor Hardware After Fukushima

Japan Nuclear Fuel unveils plutonium fuel plant

NRC: Spent fuel pool cooling lost at NJ's Oyster Creek nuclear plant during Hurricane Sandy

Nine Mile Point Unit 1 still offline

Earthquake Information
Earthquakes within the last week

NRC raises concerns about Dresden nuclear plant flood plan

MsMilkytheclown's channel

whats up: VIDEOS - now over 600 nuclear videos on robertcherwink's channel
also added today:

Fukushima Crime Syndicate - YouTube
Abby Martin takes a look at the intertwined relationship between the Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate and the nuclear energy industry in Japan.

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