Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japanese government incinerates Radioactivity|フンデルトヴァッサーとの約束を守る会のブログ

The Japanese government has not only been neglecting evacuation of the citizens of Fukushima and other contaminated areas in Kanto and Tohoku but also been trying to spread radioactive substances and diseases throughout Japan, by incinerating and burying radioactively contaminated debris all over the country. Actually as of November, 2012, incineration of the debris has been going on in many places with low contamination such as Shimada city Shizuoka prefecture, Kita-Kyushu city Fukuoka prefecture, Tsuruga city Fukui prefecture and many others.

Hashimoto is notorious for his insulting remarks on art, oppression on the socially vulnerable, and autocratic behavior.
We are trying to stop this policy that starts from November 24, 2012.

At the briefing of incineration of debris in Osaka , four Osaka residents who were protesting the plan have been arrested.
Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is betraying himself as a tyrant.

Surprisingly, Mayor Hashimoto of Osaka city completely dismissed the voices of protest from the citizens, and is forcibly carrying out the outrageous policy of incinerating the radioactively contaminated debris in Maisu plant, a work of Hundert Wasser – an anti-nuclear artist. From there, Hashimoto intends to spread the contamination to the world.

In addition to radiation, the debris in the East Japan Great Earthquake is contaminated by harmful chemical substances and heavy metal. Already in the U.S. , the detection values of asbestos are soaring. Thus, diseases resulting from these contaminations are anticipated to increase in other countries than Japan as well...

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Japanese government incinerates Radioactivity|フンデルトヴァッサーとの約束を守る会のブログ

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