Sunday, November 4, 2012

11.11 SF Monthly Protest at The Consulate + PG&E

November 11: Monthly Protest at The Consulate and PG&E: 11.11の原発反対集会:SF日本領事館前からPG&E社本部まで! � No Nukes Action Committee

Our November protest at the Consulate General of Japan is around the corner. This time, we bring the march to the market street because the consulate itself is closed on that day.
Time: November, 11th, 3PM
Place: Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco (50 Fremont, San Francisco)
We will march down market to PGE headquarters from 3:30-4:30 PM.
Here’s a greeting from the protest coordinator, Chizu Hamada!
The year end is close! How are you doing?
We cannot make Fukushima the past just as we have done so to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
We must not forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so we mustn’t Fukushima nuclear accident.
We march from the General Consulate of Japan on November 11th, walk down on Market Street to tell the world that we should not have anther nuclear accident, and nuclear power cannot exist with human being.
If we accept the present situation, Japan’s nuclear industry will be pressured by the US, and will continue to be a pro-nukes nation state. Only the people, those who rise up in Japan and many other places, can stop this with their determination and actions. There must be a change in politics, social structure, and in our direction, but it could only be done with us raising our voice and act upon what we believe.
November 11th will be a million people’s protest in Tokyo, Japan. If we don’t join, our lives will be ruined as they have been right now by nuclear energy.
Please spread the word by download the flyers about the protest.
You can pick this flyers also at 1803 Fourth St, Berkeley at my store (It opens between 10:30AM to 6PM during weekdays, and Noon to 5 on Sundays). Please support the action by putting those flyers and posters in stores and restaurants you know.
If you could join us, bring your signs and instruments. Of course, you can stop by after your work. I am hoping that our small voices will make a holler. Persistence pays off. So don’t give up. Just keep trying. (Chizu Hamada)

11/11に SFの日本領事館前に集まり、マーケットストリートを行進したいと思います。



どうぞ取りにいらして下さい。(1803 Fourth St. Berk. 10:30-6:00, 12:00-5:00日曜)

小さな声も集まれば大きな声となる、、、。 継続は力なり。     ちづ

November 11: Monthly Protest at The Consulate and PG&E: 11.11の原発反対集会:SF日本領事館前からPG&E社本部まで! � No Nukes Action Committee

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