Thursday, October 26, 2017

Please Join Us in Supporting the Don't Nuke the Climate Campaign! | NIRS | COP23 ::: #DontNukeTheClimate

NIRS is a founding member of the Don't Nuke the Climate coalition -- a global campaign to stop nuclear power and promote urgent, ambitious action on climate change. We are based in the US and serves the grassroots anti-nuclear and sustainable energy movements. 
It is more important than ever for the voices of people from the US and North America are heard at the COP23 global climate conference next month in Germany. President Trump opposes climate action and is working to undermine the Paris Agreement. His administration is strongly promoting nuclear power and fossil fuels -- most dramatically with moves to create a $100+ billion bailout for nuclear and coal power plants! 
This is a bad example for the rest of the world, and we must make sure that other countries know Americans oppose nuclear power and want a nuclear-free, carbon-free world.
Nuclear power is not a solution to climate change - it is too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, and too slow to solve the climate crisis -- and it has a long track record of violating basic human rights. From mining uranium to making nuclear waste, to disasters like Fukushima and Chornobyl, it poisons the environment and endangers our health and security. Climate action funds must focus on sustainable, 100% renewable energy solutions -- and not false, dirty energy sources like nuclear, dirty biomass, and large-scale hydro power.
The Don't Nuke the Climate! campaign is a grassroots international campaign to bring that message to the COP23 global climate conference at Bonn, Germany in November 2017.  
We have to stop nuclear power from raiding climate action funds to build nuclear reactors, mine uranium, and make radioactive waste.
Thanks for whatever support you can give!
>> Please Join Us in Supporting the Don't Nuke the Climate Campaign! | NIRS

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