Sunday, October 22, 2017

Petition – NUCLEAR-WASTE near the BEACH? You heard right... #SanOnofre

In October of 2015, the California Coastal Commission, an entity meant to keep our coasts and ocean safe, granted Southern California Edison (SCE) a permit to bury their Nuclear-Waste on a stretch of beach between Oceanside and San Clemente (in San Diego and Orange Counties). This area is located on two fault lines, and it is not a question of IF there will be a major earthquake in this region but WHEN...
The probability of a major earthquake in this area is inevitable and may be sooner than one may think As you likely know, radioactive-waste is deadly to humans and wildlife... including marine-life in the ocean, where the deadly-plume would not be contained. Much of Southern California would become uninhabitable and beach-towns would become ghost-towns up and down the coast (including Mexico). NUCLEAR-WASTE IS TOXIC FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS, and it would not discriminate between the wealthy, healthy, sick and poor. Everyone would be affected! 
Earthquakes are not the only concern. Public Watchdogs, a non-profit organization in San Diego, says the containers in which the nuclear-waste would be stored are only guaranteed for 25 years. However, failure has occurred in as little as 17 years in similar containers (and environment) Although considering the fault system, an earthquake could rupture them sooner.
In a press release by Public Watchdogs they state,“On January 13, 2018, Southern California Edison will bury the radioactive (waste) equivalent of 700 nuclear warheads on the beach at San Onofre State Beach Park within 108 feet of the water. Each of the 75 waste containers holds more radiation than what was released at Chernobyl. When it is completed, it will be the world’s largest beachfront nuclear waste dump.”

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