Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PSR's Prescription for North Korea: Send diplomats before you send warships | PSR | petition

Take a chemical weapon attack in Syria, a cruise-missile strike, military exercises in South Korea, ballistic missile tests and an aircraft carrier battle group moving into striking position. Mix in threats and counter-threats from American, Russian and North Korean leaders, all of whom are nuclear-armed and consider themselves to be "larger than life." The resulting deadly cocktail has set the world on edge—and the danger is real. What's more, all this has been playing out against the backdrop of the ever-present threat that a conflict could lead to nuclear war. This is another very real danger that PSR is working to remove...

more: PSR's Prescription for North Korea: Send diplomats before you send warships | PSR


Worried about North Korea? Tell your senators

PSR's motto: Prevention is the only cure. Now—before another war starts—is the time for concerned citizens to speak out to elected officials. Here are three ways to tell your senators that you are opposed to war with North Korea.
In person: Attend a Town Hall meeting in your community, if there is one. Search for a Town Hall in your community here.
On the phone: Using your zip code, you can look up phone numbers for the DC offices for your senators
Via email: Please use the sample text below to craft a message in your own words. Personalized e-mails from constituents are more impactful...
Sign now: Take Action | PSR 

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