Thursday, June 23, 2016

regarding this week's editions –

UPDATE ::: 31 JULY :::  i am having a hellish time with my neck and a week-long headache. ~ stay tuned!

i am needing to spend family time as we have visitors, so i have not had much time to work on the papers. – please see The #OcNuke Weekly • #OccupyNuclear, and the archives of The #OcNukeDaily • #OccupyNuclear prior to 22 June. *

* find the archives calendar feature in the subhead, in the line with the date :)


you can't nuke global warming!

SEE ALSO: Robert Cherwink's Daily • #RCDaily #ECO [archives prior to 22 June]
and last week's edition of #RCDaily #ECO ::: WEEKLY edition

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