Monday, June 20, 2016

Fukushima Scandal; What IS A Meltdown? | SimplyInfo

TEPCO_fukushima_press_conference_bowingThe recent TEPCO investigation into events during the early phase of the Fukushima Disaster raised a few questions. TEPCO claims they were told by the Prime Minister’s office not to use the word “meltdown”, something the former Prime Minister denies.
A TEPCO official was stopped from uttering the word at a press conference and NISA staff were sacked for mentioning a meltdown to the press. Yet TEPCO is insisting they didn’t hide anything because they provided radiation data and other related information. TEPCO used the phrase “core damage” until May of 2011. Up until May their computer simulations only showed 25-55% fuel as being melted. It is worth noting that computer models are only as good as the data input to run them so what TEPCO put in impacted the result. TEPCO’s own manuals that had been “missing” until a few weeks ago cite anything more than 5% melting is a meltdown. But what actually constitutes a meltdown?

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