Friday, May 15, 2015

New York City Council enters debate over Indian Point reactors | NIRS PRESS RELEASES

May 14, 2015. New York City Council enters debate over Indian Point reactors; resolution introduced to close and decommission reactors 35 miles from Manhattan. Press release from NIRS and three other organizations.

NYC Council Enters Debate over Troubled Nuclear Plant, Activists Celebrate Historic Action to Protect 8.5 Million NY'ers
– Transformer Explosion, Shutdowns Underline Safety, Reliability Problems

New York, NY: Just days after an explosion and fire disabled the Indian Point Unit 3 nuclear reactor, the New York City Council joined the debate on whether the plant should be permanently closed. Dozens of city residents and environmental groups attended today’s Council meeting, praising Councilmember Donovan Richards and council leaders for introducing a resolution calling for Indian Point to be shut down and decommissioned. If adopted, the measure would mark a sharp break with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s policies, joining the political weight of the nation’s largest city to the efforts of state officials to see the plant closed...


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