Saturday, May 9, 2015

#BustTheMyth – #RE_TOOL NOW !!! New Study: 95% Renewable Power-Mix Cheaper Than Nuclear And Gas

The cost to the consumer of the 100 % renewable scenario is more or less equal to a scenario close to today’s, with only 40 % renewables, a new French government study shows.
Something remarkable is taking place that is bound to lead to a deep reshaping of the energy debate, starting in Europe and North America. It used to be the visionaries and the NGOs who talked about a 100 % renewable future, but now leading number-crunchers and energy experts are joining the chorus. In California, the government energy regulator were recently quoted saying that California’s power grid could handle 100 % renewables.
The city of Vancouver is an example of a big city that recently committed to run 100 % on renewables for power, heating and transportation within 20 years. New studies have been released showing the US can get to 100 % renewables by 2050, at marginal extra cost.

more: New Study: 95% Renewable Power-Mix Cheaper Than Nuclear And Gas | CleanTechnica

whats up: #BustTheMyth
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