Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tell Congress: Support informed consent, dump Yucca

What if your neighbors could dump their trash on your front yard under a law that allowed you to say “no,”--but which also allowed your neighbors to override  your opposition? The neighborhood could dump and keep dumping until decades of trash was piled up.

That is a picture of what the people in Nevada and the Western Shoshone Nation members face--only instead of neighborhood trash, it is our nation’s lethal high-level radioactive wastes. Nuclear waste that is a deadly hazard for more than a million years.

This month Nevada Senators Reid (D) and Heller (R) signed a letter with Nevada Governor Sandoval (R), vowing to continue to block highly radioactive wastes from coming to Yucca. In addition, the two Senators introduced a new bill, known as the “Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act” that would mandate that any permanent radioactive waste site be subject to the written approval of the Governor as well as impacted local jurisdictions, to include the current contested site at Yucca Mountain. In the Senate, the bill is S. 691. A companion bill in the House, introduced by Nevada representatives Titus (D) and Heck (R), is HR 1364. It's important: next time it could be your state.
Take Action below: Urge your Congressmembers to co-sponsor the Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act and Dump Yucca now!

> SIGN NOW: Tell Congress: Support informed consent, dump Yucca

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