Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top ten GreenWorld stories of 2014 | GreenWorld

NIRS launched GreenWorld a year ago this week to provide a new means of communicating with our members, clean energy activists, the media, legislators and regulators, energy professionals, and the public at large across the globe.
We wanted to be able to break stories, track trends, and highlight studies, reports, and other work that isn’t suitable for press releases, Alerts, and our other traditional means of communications. As an anti-nuclear organization, we have decades of experience and undisputed expertise on nuclear issues. But we wanted to expand our focus to include more of what we are for: a clean, safe, affordable and sustainable energy system.
Our goal is to produce a credible publication, one that appears with some frequency–usually at least a few times per week–that can help explain and clarify the rapidly-changing world of energy production, primarily electricity generation. We want to expound on the virtues of a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system and shed light and provide solid backing on the reality that such a system is now achievable–a view held not only by NIRS, but by an increasing number of energy experts throughout the world.
We also want to expose the failures of the increasingly desperate nuclear power industry, and provide readers with information on its strategies and tactics to save itself–at the expense of people everywhere and the global environment...

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