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1.23, 24&25, 27: SHUTDOWN DIABLO - CA's Potential Fukushima; San Luis Obispo & San Francisco

▶ VIDEO: SHUTDOWN DIABLO - CA's Potential Fukushima*

via Harvey Wasserman (18 Jan. 2015) –
We are moving powerfully now to shut the last two nukes in California.
Citizen activism has shut reactors at Humboldt, Rancho Seco and San Onofre 1-2-3, and stopped proposals at Bodega, Bakersfield, etc.
Please now join us to bring California to a post-nuclear Solartopia.
You might also like this video on Diablo [included above]:
And this radio show on feed-in tariffs:

Shut Diablo Events: Jan. 23-27, San Luis Obispo & SF

Friday, January 23, 6-9 pm, San Luis Obispo:
Music & munchies to celebrate the fight for a nuke-free California
SLO Community Library

Saturday-Sunday, January 24-5, all day, San Luis Obispo:
A state-wide conference to strategize the fight to win a nuke-free California
SLO Grange, 2880 Broad Street ($25 requested but not required)

Tuesday, January 27, 6-9pm, San Francisco:
A Bay Area gathering to strategize the fight to win a nuke-free California.
At Local 2, 215 golden gate at Leavenworth. Near civic center BART.

*video information on Sep 17, 2014 by eon3 (EON - the Ecological Options Network)
Why decommission California's last-nuke-standing, PG&E's two aging, out-of-compliance nuclear reactors, built on multiple earthquake faults in a tsunami zone, run by the company facing multiple Federal indictments for safety violations in the San Bruno gas fire disaster?
Author, journalist and long-time nuke free activist Harvey Wasserman counts the 'whys.'




To Shut Down Diablo Canyon!

San Luis Obispo Conference
January 23 – 25

San Francisco Strategy Meeting

January 27

We hope you’ll be joining us! ( Download flyer PDF )

January 23, Friday
Kick-Off Meeting for both active NFC members and the general public

∗9 am: Sawada-Shonin, Japanese monk, will be doing a symbolic and prayerful walk from Diablo to the City courthouse. Please join!
∗ 6 pm – 9 pm
San Luis Obispo Public Library, 958 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tales of Diablo
Music and munchies, discussion
Code Pink, Harvey Wasserman and others

January 24, Saturday
Nuclear Free California Strategy Meeting to Shut Down Diablo Canyon

9 am – 6 pm – Grange Hall

2880 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Agenda: Presentations on what’s now happening re Diablo Canyon followed by formulating a state-wide strategy
FEE: $25 (covers both Saturday and Sunday plus Saturday lunch)
Saturday dinner is an additional $20
Pre-registration required. Contact: Mary Beth Brangan
Do you prefer turkey or vegetarian lunch; chicken or vegetarian dinner ?
Payments may be made Saturday morning via credit card, check or cash or to
Additional donations to Mothers for Peace are welcome to help cover meeting hosting expenses!

January 25, Sunday
Building the Network – Nuclear Free California, Nuclear Free West Coast and Pacific Rim Alliance

9 am – 5 pm – San Luis Obispo Public Library, 958 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
lunch on your own in the downtown San Luis area
Agenda: Continuing discussion re Diablo Shutdown;
Presentations and Reports from Organizations
FIT, CCAs and Munis
& Discussion on the effects of and responses to the ongoing Fukushima crisis
Accommodations: SLO Mothers for Peace has some accommodations in private homes. If you would like a home stay, please contact: Elizabeth Brousse
Hotels and other accommodations in San Luis Obispo:

January 27, Tuesday

San Francisco
SHUT DOWN DIABLO Strategy Session
Extra OccupyForum at Local 2 from 6 – 9 pm, 215 Golden Gate up the block from the corner of Leavenworth, near Civic Center BART
Harvey “No Nukes” Wasserman, Dennis Bernstein,
Linda Seeley, Larry Fahn, Cynthia Papermaster


Shutdown Diablo Conference – Save the Dates!
We hope you’ll be joining us at the Nuclear Free CA meeting on January 24-25 in San Luis Obispo, ( Download flyer PDF )
We’ll have an exciting conference to develop a strategy to shut down Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors – our own potential Fukushima. Located in San Luis Obispo, on the beautiful California coast, two aging reactors are savagely fissioning adjacent to 13 earthquake faults in a tsunami zone and operated by PG&E, currently charged with over 30 federal felonies for criminal mismanagement. It’s time to shut them down – and to insist on the safest possible management of the deadly radioactive waste. Diablo Canyon nuclear waste canisters have conditions for cracking after only two years of use!
Saturday, January 24th - Develop a statewide strategy to shut down Diablo Canyon and to manage California’s tons of deadly radioactive waste safely as possible!
9am – 6pm – San Luis Obispo Grange, 2880 Broad St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Catered lunch & dinner. Sat. lunch included in registration fee. Dinner $20 per person
Saturday evening: Speaker from Fukushima, music, videos, poetry
Conference cost: $25 – no one refused for lack of funds –
RSVP’s required: by Jan. 17 for Saturday lunch and dinner arrangements – Please indicate vegetarian or chicken main entrée for lunch & dinner
Sunday, January 25th – Help build the Nuclear Free West Coast and Pacific Rim alliance in response to the ongoing Fukushima tragedy. We will discuss topics covered Saturday in more depth as well as additional items.
9am – 5pm – San Luis Obispo City-County Library, 958 Palm Street, SLO 93401. (We will try to make remote computer access possible for those unable to attend in person on Sunday.)
Sunday lunch is on your own at one of the many nearby restaurants.
Accommodations: SLO Mothers for Peace has some accommodations in private homes. If you would like a home stay, please contact: Elizabeth Brousse
Hotels and other accommodations in San Luis Obispo:
1. You don’t have to attend both days. Saturday, January 24th, is going to be devoted exclusively to creating a statewide strategy to shut down Diablo Canyon.
Sunday’s agenda is more expansive and includes the whole West Coast and Pacific Rim.
2. On Saturday evening, there will be a program featuring speakers from Fukushima with updates from Japan, along with poetry and music.
3. The meeting is going to be highly interactive, with lots of opportunity for creative participation in the ultimate strategy to SHUT DOWN DIABLO CANYON!
Mothers for Peace and EON – the Ecological Options Network are proud to be part of this coalition to make our state and our world safer for the future generations!
Looking forward to seeing you!
Nuclear Free California Agenda Committee

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