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FOTOS: Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free at the People's Climate March September 21, 2014

This photo gallery documents the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent at the historic People's Climate March in New York City September 21, 2014. Included are a couple photos from the Nuclear-free strategy meeting on September 20, 2014, preparations for the Contingent in the early morning hours of September 21, speakers at the rally and the march itself. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this Contingent and made this event possible. Largest Climate March Ever. Largest Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Action Ever. We, and our message, are unstoppable. And, together, we WILL build the safe, clean, affordable nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system our planet both needs and deserves. Photos are by Paule Saviano, Lionel Delavigne, Lee Roscoe, Sheila Parks and Michael Mariotte

Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free at the People's Climate March September 21, 2014

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THANK YOU to the many thousands of people who marched with the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent to the People's Climate March September 21 in NYC. We made history. Largest climate march ever. Largest nuclear-free, carbon-free action ever.

Flyer: Talking Points on nuclear power in EPA's proposed carbon reduction rule. pdf version.jpg version.
Briefing Paper: Nuclear Energy is Dirty Energy (and does not fit in a clean energy standard).pdf

Breaking News
September 11, 2014.

Killing the Competition. The Nuclear Power Agenda to block climate action, stop renewable energy, and subsidize old reactors.

Major new report by NIRS' Executive Director Tim Judson details how major utilities and nuclear power companies have begun a campaign to rig energy markets, climate regulations, and clean energy programs to prevent the advance of renewable energy. Using a deceptive public relations campaign and heavily-funded front groups like Nuclear Matters, Third Way, and C2ES, corporations including Exelon and Entergy have tried to drum up fears of a national energy crisis stemming from the closure of several aging, uncompetitive nuclear plants and the advance of renewable energy. While touting the need to “preserve” nuclear power, nuclear interests have covered up the actual reforms they are seeking and their implications for the U.S.’s energy future.

Audio recording (mp3 file) of press conference release of the report featuring Tim Judson, Dr. Mark Cooper, Vermont Law School, Institute for Energy and the Environment; Tyson Slocum, energy program director, Public Citizen; Deb Katz, executive director, Citizens Awareness Network (New England); David Kraft, executive director, Nuclear Energy Information Service (Illinois); Jessica Azulay, program director, Alliance for a Green Economy (New York).

Nuclear Information and Resource Service - NIRS

whats up: #BustTheMyth
you can't nuke global warming!

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