Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nuclear Hotseat #118: The WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance and its Lies about Int'l Nuclear Health Stats

How the World Health Organization came under the domination of the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency – the first of two exclusive Nuclear Hotseat reports on the unholy alliance that underlies our global misunderstandings of the dangers of nuclear radiation.

INTERVIEW:  Special full-length interview with Alison Katz of Independent WHO on the history, politics and criminal negligence of the World Health Organization.  She is a sociologist and psychologist who worked for WHO for 18 years and now is a spokesperson for the organization that wants WHO to do its job regarding nuclear dangers and international public health.  Even if you think you understand this issue, you will be shocked by the specific instances where WHO has abdicated its power.  You’ll also be inspired by an international tactic Katz proposes that has the potential to turn this issue around.  

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