Friday, September 20, 2013

10.18-19 SF: The Truth and Reality of #Fukushima / an Educational Conference 教育/勉強会 | No Nukes Action Committee


Date and Time: Saturday October 19, 2013 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: San Francisco State University, Room BH1
1600 Holloway Ave. SF 94132
Admission: Free
Japan and the world continue to be threatened by the Fukushima meltdown and further contamination of the land and sea as well as a growing cancer epidemic of children, workers and the people of Japan.
The conference will challenge the information being propagated that we can overcome radiation and that Fukushima can be decontaminated.
Initial Speakers:
Dr. Robert Gould – Physicians for Social Responsibility, An expert on the medical effects of radiation
Prof. Masaki Shimoji – Assistant Professor of Osaka Japan,  Anti-nuclear activist in Osaka Japan who was imprisoned for organizing against the burning of nuclear rubble in Osaka
Possible speaker by Skype: Taro Yamamoto – Member of Parliament from Tokyo
Film: How Nuclear Power Was Brought To Japan
Music: Okinawan music
教育/勉強会 『除染は果たして可能か?福島の現実と真実』
アメリカからは、Robert Gould医師その他数人を呼び、放射能がどのように体に影響するか,日本からは下地真樹さんに各地の放射能瓦礫焼却とその反対運動に対する市,警察からの抑圧、そして日本での諸問題を話して頂きます。通訳がつきます。山本太郎さんにはスカイプにて出席して頂くよう交渉中です。ドキュメンタリー『原発はどのようにして日本に来たか』の上映、沖縄のライブミュージックもあります。
場所:San Francisco State University , Room  BH1
1600 Holloway Ave. SF 94132
場所:Berkeley North Branch Library, community room、
1170 The Alameda Berkeley, CA 94707
10月19日(土)午前11時 のOcean Beach での  “Fukushima Is Here”の人文字プロジェクトも忘れないで下さい。その後 SFSUに2時に来て下さい。Please do not forget the project of “Fukushima Is Here” at  Ocean Beach at 11AM,  Saturday October 19. Then see you at SFSU at 2 PM.
For more information please visit us:

October 18,19 Educational Conference 教育/勉強会 | No Nukes Action Committee

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