Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nuclear Hotseat #104: SAN ONOFRE SHUTDOWN SPECIAL! • Nuclear Hotseat


Listen as veteran activists of the battle to shut down San Onofre celebrate the win by recalling where they were, how they received the news, what it means to them and where our movement goes from here (you didn’t think we were done, did you?).

Southern California activists and their expert advisors celebrate permanent closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Hear from:

    • Gary and Laurie Headrick of San Clemente Green
    • Gene Stone of Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE)
    • Donna Gilmore of San Onofre Safety
    • Ray Lutz of Citizen’s Oversight
    • Urban planner Torgen Johnson
    • Cathy Iwane, who works with many groups as our direct connection to Japan

PLUS: National activists Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear, Diane D’Arrigo of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), and Priscilla Star, founder of the Coalition Against Nukes (CAN)

LISTEN > Nuclear Hotseat#104: SAN ONOFRE SHUTDOWN SPECIAL! • Nuclear Hotseat

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