Monday, June 3, 2013

Manifesto for Our Children, Our Future by Cathy Iwane

Today* I have a unique opportunity to translate for former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan.  My new home, San Diego, California is hosting today’s event, ‘Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Lessons for California from former Japanese Prime Minister Kan’.  I’m the mother of two beautiful girls.  Their father remains in the paradise I call Japan, where we made our lives for 25 years. We lived through the terror of March 11, 2011, through the unfolding of the worst nuclear disaster known to mankind. I won’t forget the look in my daughter’s eyes as her teacher told her to lie to classmates about why she brought a homemade lunch to school, after opting out of the school lunch program. “Don’t share your concerns with the PTA,” the school principal told me.  “Your research will only cause panic.” 

The grief.  The anger. The resentment.  The blame.  All, at human error.

Manifesto for Our Children, Our Future

1)  Evacuate the Childrenfrom Fukushima- starting with 5 millisieverts/year or more exposure zones

2)  Prevent Restart of Nuclear Reactors, including Decommissioning Ohi Power Plant and Monju     Reprocessing Plant

3)  Stop the Burning of Radioactive Debris in Japan

I wasn’t an anti-nuclear activist before March 11, 2011.  I, too, am responsible.  WE ALL ARE.  Mr. Kan, today I represent 1,000,000 mothers in Japan with these words. Listen to the silent majority, standing up for their children.  Join and support them.  Let the people lead you to righting the wrongs.  Let the children play outside.  Allow them their right to safe food, water and air.  For our children, our future, Mr. Kan, be bold.  Be brave.  Be REAL!

In solidarity,

Cathy Iwane
June 4, 2013
San Diego, California

(Please endorse this manifesto by adding your name, your organization & your website or mission statement in the comments section.  A final copy will be printed and hand delivered to former Prime Minister Naoto Kan before he returns to Japan.)

Manifesto for Our Children, Our Future (facebook)

* SEE whats up: 6.4 SAN DIEGO: Fukushima: Lessons for #SanOnofre [Seminar]

Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who held office during the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, will speak at a seminar on nuclear safety Tuesday, June 4, in San Diego. Come hear Kan and ex-NRC Chair Gregory Jackzo, or listen online.

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