Saturday, June 22, 2013

6.24 WEBINAR: Pull the #Plutonium Pork – End #MOX!

Monday, June 24, 3pm (ET):
Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX
(Co-hosted with Georgia WAND)
Developing a disposition method for plutonium from dismantled U.S. nuclear weapons is important, but the Department of Energy’s current plan to make experimental fuel with this weapons’ plutonium is costly, dangerous and on the verge of collapse. It’s also siphoning dollars away from other nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear weapons cleanup priorities. Please join us to learn about the Mixed Oxide Plutonium Fuel Program (MOX) and what can be done to keep this failing program from gobbling more dollars while increasing nuclear dangers.  We’ll also consider what alternatives need to be developed to deal with plutonium from nuclear weapons.   Tom Clements, Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for Friends of the Earth andKatherine Fuchs, Program Director of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability will tell us how to pull the plutonium pork and develop needed solutions.  Cohost, Georgia WAND will also discuss the regional impacts of MOX.
“Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX” is part of WAND’s Nuclear Budget Webinar Series looking at specific nuclear weapons programs in particular need of Congressional budget cutting scrutiny.  Last month we started with: "Is it time to boot the B61 nuclear bomb?"

Upcoming Webinar: Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX! | WAND Inc.

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